Farmers from Chuvashia and agro Kurgan

Federal program to support beginning farmers working less than a year. During this time, in Chuvashia its participants were more than 50 people. Posadskov family from the village of Imenevo Krasnoarmeyskiy region benefited from a grant to create your own farm for the breeding of sheep Romanov and Kuibyshev breed. The other day, a visit to the farmer visited the crew STRC "Chuvashia".

Leonid Posad worked all his life on the farm, was engaged in animal husbandry. When a farm in the village closed, he decided to create his own. Bet placed on the sheep. The jurisdiction of the economy came up in a big way. The last 8 years on his farmstead was holding about 100 head of cattle and a large flock became close. Upon learning of the program to support family farms, Leonid Posad filed documents, and the only one in the area received a grant of 185,000 rubles.

After receiving the money, just purchased a thoroughbred breeding sheep, tractor and equipment. Leased the premises of the old kolkhoz farms, placed there the whole herd. Sheep-animal unpretentious, says farmer trouble with them is not so much. Main prepare food for the winter.

Agricultural Complex "Kungurskiy" — the largest agricultural enterprise area by area. At present, there is registered 9,417 hectares of cultivated area, of which 4342 hectares of grain, the other planted perennials. In addition, agro leased 1,200 ha in Kylasov.
Such sites require constant updating of the fleet. This year, the company bought 3 new harvester, 9 MTZ and agricultural equipment — plows, mowers, seeders. Preference is given to foreign manufacturers.

At present in the household cleaning has been completed, the last grain has been removed from the field on September 4. The average yield totaled 20.6 c / ha. This is above the average for the area.
Livestock — one of the main activities of the agricultural complex. The enterprise fattening at the moment there are 6830 head and 880 head of dairy cattle, 2.5 million pigs. 2 years ago it decided to try the area such as sheep, now there are 200 head of sheep and goats.
Do not stand still — these are the policy of the leadership of this economy. Recently agro together with inventories "Taurus" started construction of a new modern complex on the 3000 head of dairy cattle. So, just around the corner and work to improve the herd, increasing its productivity. Already, the leadership is the issue of choosing a good breed cows vysokodoynyh.
At the moment, agro "Kungurskiy" and inventories are "Taurus" enter into the procedure of reorganization. It is possible that agricultural holding will be created that will combine several companies. Likely to change the name. The decision will be announced in the near future vremya.V, thanks to a new farm in the village of new jobs, but there is a family business. Total employed 6 people — relatives of Leonid Ivanovich. The village has come to life — a goal set itself Posadskov family, and the district administration of their full support in this. 
Today the farm of more than 200 sheep and 70 acres of land. The main task — before the cold weather to build a new farm. The frame is ready, left the roof and floor. 
The plans Leonid Posad — not only the further expansion of a sheep farm, but also the launch of felt production. And it's going to take a trip to Germany — to gain experience from local farmers.

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