Farming in the Altai region launched a production line for pasta

In the change of half a ton of pasta made from their own raw materials — flour from durum wheat

As the head of the economy, the existing production of pasta, it was decided to expand the new range. According to Alexander Gukova, today, an important issue is the quality of products. It is through this indicator can win the loyalty: "Pasta from durum wheat both better quality — do not boil soft and does not stick together, and most importantly — have no effect on weight gain."

Today the products of farming acquire Kliuchevskoi residents and the surrounding areas are also sent to the party for the implementation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



At the moment, marketing and service management issues in parallel is working to expand markets and improve the quality of product packaging, the Main department of agriculture.

In the long term farm plans to increase the production of pasta in half — one ton per shift. "The raw material of his would be enough — Alexander Gukov — this year, sown area of wheat durum we made 1.5 thousand hectares. Crop was planted on peas, species yields can be seen at the level of 10 tons per hectare, gross harvest will exceed one thousand tons. Thus, the processing line will be fully in place before the next harvest "- calculated the head of the economy.


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