FAS: public procurement in Russia spared transparency U.S. and Europe

Public procurement in Russia is recognized as one of the most advanced in the world, says in an interview, "the Newspaper" Igor Aremev, Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

"Three of the authority — the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and FAS — a signatory (the Federal Contract System (FCS). -" Times "), we agreed on the document because it preserves the best achievements of the 94th Law on Procurement for state needs "- said Artemyev.

"This is such a thing as electronic auctions, system transparency, civilian control of the implementation of procurement by public officials for public money — money that is society — many mechanisms for the implementation of modern telecommunications in the process of organizing public procurement" — listed Artemyev.

"This prompted the UN experts in Geneva in July to recognize the system of public procurement in Russia one of the most advanced in the world. Today, according to these parameters, we went around procurement and the United States and the European Union. This is what we are ahead of our traditional partners, "- he stressed.

However, there were shortcomings in the 94th PPL, said the head of the FAS.

"I think they (the nedostatki. -" Times ") have been exaggerated and that many have said high-ranking government officials, largely not true. However, the FCC provides for increased pre-qualification, for example, in the area of applications from banks, increasing the requirements for anti-dumping protection, introduces a new system of planning. Business will see that will be demanded by the state. There will also be optimized quality control of the goods. In my opinion, the biggest drawback — it will have to issue a lot of governmental acts, because a number of issues remained unresolved. They will be refined in 2013. Therefore, the law of the FCC will take effect from 2014 ", — concluded the official.

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