Federal State Unitary Enterprise State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia started the reconstruction of the airport in the Russian Air Force Korenovsk

Since 2010, as part of the modernization of the Air Forces of Russia, is a large-scale reconstruction of the airfield for military use. The main contractor works on such contracts is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "the Office Building of roads and airfields at Spetsstroy Russia."

In March 2013 its experts have begun work on the airfield Korenovsk — largest helicopter air base in southern Russia, which currently receives the latest Mi-8AMTSh ("Terminator") capable of conducting full-fledged fighting at night.

To work at the site began Kaluga Branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia." Until the end of 2014 its members plan to complete the facilities provided for the two milestones.
In the first group will be built helicopter parking areas, runways, platforms for testing engines, training take-off, landing, and maintenance. In total, to be concreted over 350 thousand square meters.
In addition, the facility will be built a complex of buildings and hangars with associated engineering infrastructure. For example, the energy sector will get a new gas boiler, thermal and electrical networks, and on the perimeter of the airfield will patrol the road and a new fence, equipped with the most modern means of observation.
In the second phase of construction at the airport will be built Korenovsk runway, the full range of airfield infrastructure facilities, warehouses and car park. It is planned to continue the development of utilities and energy economy of the airfield.
In addition to the helicopter base in the south of Russia Korenovsk experts FSUE "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" is the construction and reconstruction of airports in Anapa ("Vitjazevo") and Yeisk (Ground Training Complex test aircraft), and the creation of new runways at airfields Ahtubinsk and Volga in Astrakhan region.

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