Fedor Emelianenko built a church in his native village

Two years ago, in the village of Stary Fedoseevka urban district was laid foundation stone of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. Initiated and sponsored the construction of the temple was titled athlete Fedor Emelianenko. October 11 consecration of the new church, which was visited by the legendary warrior, and the head of the region Yevgeny Savchenko and Metropolitan John of Belgorod and Stary Oskol. Yevgeny Savchenko said that every good event has its proponents and the characters and gave Emelianenko a badge of honorary citizen of the Belgorod region. Sovereign also noted that sports victories are forgotten, and the temple is built on a century, according to belru.rf. Philanthropist and initiator of the construction of the church Fedor said at the opening that all the villagers are now both members of the same spiritual family. By the way, himself a legendary athlete also ranks as the residents Fedoseevka.

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