[Img =] Yesterday FC "Rostov" passed the procedure of application for participation in the Russian Championship. A complete list of players can be found on the official website of the Premier League. By the end of the term dozayavki not received a transfer certificate to Dusan Andjelkovic, which prevented the "Rostov" to include it in the application. International Department of the RFU asked the Turkish side to give an answer, but it was never received. After that, the RAF turned to FIFA to allow the situation and allow Andjelkovic continue his career at a new club. In international football federation was informed that "It Andjelkovic" FIFA exists, but no decision on it is pending, and asked by the RFU to provide to the relevant documents. The maximum term of a decision — a month. Due to the fact that the "Rostov" in time — before the expiry date of bidding — made the request and, if approved by FIFA, the club is allowed to declare Andjelkovic outside the transfer window.

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