Fighting for a place under the sun

Holders of tanning beds (and artificial tanning studios in Belarus for more than 300) to insist that this is sports and recreation activities, is not subject to licensing.
The main argument of the Ministry of Health: fake tan — it fizyyapratsedura and not sports and recreation activities. Besides, in the sunroom used ultraviolet radiation, which can cause injury. Holder solariums link to "A national klyasyfikatar economic activities", where solarium services attributed to sports and recreational activities.
Tanning: health benefits or harm?
Chairman of the Board hosts solariums Stanislav Wilis believes that to obtain a license to the Ministry of Health Services solarium currently unrealistic. Since state enterprises need to have a doctor or higher in the first category fizyyaterapii.
"Such doctors, according to information of the Ministry of Health, in a country of about 30 people. And they all take decent positions in the Ministry of Health. Suggest this doctor to change jobs and come clamping button in the sunroom — it is stupidity, no doctor would not do it."
Head of the Ministry of Health medical aid Igor Brovko refutes the argument Republican Council hosts solariums Stanislaus Vilisava:
"The position of the Ministry of Health is clear: he solarium — it honey destination, and accordingly, must be licensed. And let these procedures should be trained nurse. And what about the doctor let them not deceive his head. We have repeatedly met with them, and in the decree of the Ministry of Health stipulates that the solarium should let the nurse who was trained in fizyyaterapii. "
Research Professionals Global Health Organization justify specific relationship between the introduction of sunbed and development melyanomy — skin cancer. In Norway and Sweden melyanomu incidence over the past 45 years has grown over 3 times, and in the U.S. over the last 30 years has doubled.
First deputy director of the Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Dr. Edward Zhavrid, creator of scientific work "Sunburn: utility or harm," convinced
"Solarium nocuous. All ultraviolet irradiation in an amount and at once the whole skin except nothing shall harm. Rather we have sunny days a year, and not dying Belarusians without artificial tanning. Effects of ultraviolet strike appear in a couple of years. Severe skin configuration , precancerous diseases and even melyanoma. "
"There must be strict control"
Chairman of the Republican Council hosts solariums Stanislav curled convinced that solarium hundred percent non-hazardous:
"In the sunroom equilibrium applies ultraviolet radiation doses that advises the operator tanning completely easy to find personally to the person who came into the studio. Sami sunroom now modern, almost everywhere worth completely brand new appliances. People can already choose to have competitiveness."
Stanislav curled led such an argument: irradiation cure certain skin diseases, and other diseases. First deputy director of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Dr. Edward Zhavrid agreed that used in oncology radiotherapy, ionizing radiation. In the sunroom used ultraviolet irradiation, but …
"We have a very accurate monitoring system. Every day include special hardware engineers dazimetrysty, remove all of the properties — in other words completely clear dosed healing. Yet there are many regulatory organizations. And their equipment included people without education, and 5 — 10 minutes a person irradiated. A must be strict control. "
Many legal acts and contradictions remain
Chairman of the Republican Council hosts solariums Stanislav curled refers to a presidential decree "On Licensing Certain Types of Activities":
"Presidential Decree number 17 suzivaet range of licensed activities, tries to reduce the possibility of officials to influence the work of enterprises, businessmen, and they are under the Ministry of Health is trying to expand the circle. Since, in the 1-x, this means in-2- — impact. "
Head of the Ministry of Health medical aid Igor Brovko references to other documents, and insists that the licensing of the right:
"We need to change that if not changed. And we have, in addition, there is a presidential decree on providing paid services where solarium related to licensing activities, two decrees of the Council of Ministers on paid medical services, the Ministry of Health decree. And the position of the General Prosecutor’s Office, which also supports us. Council of Ministers this information is available. "
At the last meeting of the Council for Enterprise Development decided to inform about the situation with solariums Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky, and when the need — and the head of the country. Tags: ministry of health, protection, solariums

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