Finland and Russia deepen economic cooperation on border

The decision to increase cooperation at the border between Finland and Russia was reached on Wednesday, March 27, at the 13th session of the Finnish-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation, held in Turku, reports"Komsomolskaya Pravda".


Telegrafistreports that the geographical location of Finland is very profitable for Russia to counteract the growing European missile defense, as well, with the strengthening and development of trade and economic co-operation and the emergence of common financial interests, both sides appear "leverage" to influence political decisions of leaders of both countries. In this case, Russia is vitally interested not to enter Finland to NATO.

In particular, it was decided to set up an inter-ministerial working group, which aims to improve movement across the border, and to improve its infrastructure.

"The Russian tourism is extremely important for Finland. In the past year has been made a record 12 million border crossings ", — Said the Minister for EU Affairs and Foreign TradeAlexander Stubb.

The official believes that Finland and Russia before opening up new opportunities for cooperation and, in particular, in the field of shipbuilding. He relied on the experience of previous years.

Alexander Stubb has also signed a number of agreements with the Deputy Prime MinisterDmitry Kozak.

Dmitry Kozak, was optimistic about the possibilities of deepening cooperation between Finland and Russia in the field of economy and trade. He said the Russian official, he discussed with the leadership of the city of Turku opportunities for orders created in the joint Finnish-Russian companies, according to Russian service Yleisradio.

Recall that Russia occupies the 1st place among the partners of Finland in foreign economic relations. Finnish companies at the moment have made 12 billion investments in the Russian economy. This is — both large and small projects. In Russia registered 600 Finnish companies, of which 400 in St. Petersburg. But generally they work across Russia, up to Siberia. About 50 thousand Russians have got a job thanks to the activities of Finnish companies in Russia. Finnish companies are developing a variety of projects in the energy, logistics, forestry and other industries. The number of Finnish supermarkets is growing in St. Petersburg, in Moscow, they have 5.

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