Finland buys PKM machine guns in Russia

  • 7.62-mm machine gun PKM (CC 7.62) in service with the Finnish Army.  (C) Jusa /
  • 7.62-mm machine gun PKM (CC 7.62) in service with the Finnish Army. (C) Jusa /

As reports Web site of the Defence Forces of Finland, in 2012, the Finnish side was awarded a contract with JSC "Rosoboronexport" purchase for the Army and Navy of Finland Party 7.62mm PKM machine guns and spare parts to them in the amount of 3.1 million euros. Delivery of purchased PKM begins in 2013.

PKM machine guns for a long time are in service with the Defence Forces of Finland under the symbol Konekivaari (QC) 7.62. A significant number of these guns were delivered to Finland from the Soviet Union and Russia on the package deal in 1990 on the partial repayment of Soviet debt to Finland on account of the supply of military equipment, while those in the Finnish army with machine guns in the manual have been partially replaced by the Finnish machine guns KvKK 62 (used by the Soviet intermediate cartridge 7,62 x39). In 2010, it was reported that the management of logistics (Maavoimien materiaalilaitos, MAAVMATL) of the Ministry of Defence of Finland has announced a tender for the supply of machine guns under the 1000 Soviet patron h54R 7.62. The actual competition with Russian original in this tender was producing clones RMB license Bulgarian factory "Arsenal", but as you can see, the choice was made by the Finns in favor of RMB in Russia. Serial production of PKM in Russia now is to "Plant them. VA Degtyarev "in carpeted. Presumably, the Finns purchased under the new contract will mainly RMB to replace the troops remaining in the Finnish Defence Forces of guns KvKK 62.

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