Firmly whether to keep funds in Belarusian banks?

The reason for such issue was the official information that the external debt of the Belarusian banks for the first time reached the 3 billion dollars. In addition, certain municipal banks made not for sale to foreigners own a significant amount of assets.
Past chairman of the Board of the State Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich states began the process of implementation of municipal banks foreign capital:
"It was announced that the control packets 2-large municipal banks (" ICB "and" Investment Bank ") implement foreign capital. Yet two large municipal bank (" Belarusbank "and" Agrobank ") put up for sale about 15% of its shares. Brief , as many as seven banks abroad implement a significant part of its assets. "
Press secretary of the National Bank Misha Zhuravovich in an interview with "Freedom" said that investors do not have to worry about the circumstances:
"In 1-x, the bank (or it is sold, not for sale) shall have your capital over the entire amount of deposits. This is — an indispensable condition. Beyond that, it is not capital allowed lure capital. If you want to attract more, and its capital must be huge.
And in-2, all banks operating in the terrain of Belarus are subjected to the Belarusian legislation. Specifically, Belarusian, not Russian or some other. "
Managing analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk such optimism does not divide:
"In the banking and financial markets are not as common, linear laws as they described the sovereign of the State Bank. Yes, indeed, the sum of the contributions can not be more equity. But almost everyone is dependent on how much money the bank gives its customers a position in which these customers are, how they sell their products on the domestic market, which in their exports, etc.
And then, knowing who to make loans to banks, knowing that payables pratermiravanyh loans only for January increased by 20%, I would not be so optimistic. "
Another expert — PhD in Economics Leonid Zlotnikov said "Freedom" that segodnyaschy municipal financial policy and threatens investors and foreign banks:
"There is tension at the moment in the monetary sector. Tongued That such an example — bank loans by 70% long. A liabilities of banks (this means the population, foreign loans, etc., from which issue loans) for the same 70% in the main the short-term. And obtained such scissors — very unsafe. "
Yaroslav Romanchuk pays attention to the fact that the shares of Belarusian banks buy more Russian financiers, he believes that this is an implementation Kremlin plan to establish full control over the Belarusian Russian banks of banking and financial system. For two years the Russians will be able to involve Belarusian enterprises in debt funnel exit which will not be. Russians will offer cute loans to lure our Directorate, which does not have experience in such criteria.

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