Florian priest Kozlovsky: Crane gave me

Representatives local authorities visited the scene only after the written appeal believers. And builders hastily zamaystvali hole.
Ice Palace in Saligorsk built next to the church. Crane weighing 140 tons fell about 23 hours on Saturday. Rector of the church, the priest Florian at this point was in the building and oh so recalls the incident:
"On the 3rd floor of a room from me. And just this crane standing in front of me. The room had a window open and any shred of a second look — this crane flies on me. Here’s the first shot was where I live. There were two hits: boom broke in and fell into the building, kicked a concrete block and they all fell to the floor. People of closely spaced houses later called me and says that there was a feeling that there was an earthquake. "
A special commission is currently studying the background of the incident. Previous version — bad weather conditions, said "Freedom" employee of the Executive Committee of the ideology department Soligorsky Natalia Emelyanova. Enterprise "Promstroy" which builds an ice palace, claimed responsibility for the incident and responsibilities in compensation for the damage.
Hole in the roof builders already zamaystravali said Freedom deputy CEO Alexander Duda:
"Great harm there. Hit the roof — one square meter hooked. We have long corrected it all. People worked the whole night. Lay tile There is a lovely little red — none currently find. But Lately went out and brought our will acquire all correct. Now tap on the audit, a couple of days and install will work, How it works. "
Believers Church appealed to the City Council with a statement of full compensation for the damage. Florian priest Kozlowski also states that a hasty repair of the church he is not satisfied:
"Roof — his pilfered. Zamaystravali They Tipo, but holes are left that you can stick your hand. They did it so quickly, like the structure of this palace. And how many cases of emergency was in this building — so do not be counted."
Soon Soligorsk marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation. On the anniversary to be built and an ice palace, and therefore builders are working in three shifts. That’s what they say about the locals — the students of Liberty:
"The collapse of the palace-lyadovasts came here and Soligorsk. Crane damaged the roof, and another room in the church. Authorities are unwilling to be seen, so it was clear to all of Belarus. One hope for Radio Liberty, so that people haveknown asmeans they are built ice rinks, in Belarus, including Soligorsk. "
Now Soligorsk directed management representatives of the Catholic Church in Belarus for the upcoming addressing repair buildings.

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