Fluids from Novodvorskaia

For obschechelovekov our Victory — "unfortunate minute"
"April 13, 65 years ago, the Soviet army (in an evil hour, miserable minute) entered the territory of Austria."
This is not a quote from secretly leaving in the jungles of Argentina newspaper "aspiring SS officer and his last-modern." This is a liberal's "Moscow Times" Victory is preparing for the holiday by posting an article Valerie Novodvorskaia "brutal landing", which with grief over the Soviet offensive in Austria begins.

It is clear that from the point of view of Russian liberal offensive of the Red Army in 1945, and in Austria, and wherever it was, took place "in an evil hour, the unfortunate moment." Doubt this is impossible.
Just at the beginning of 1945 in Budapest tossed with the question "which block Russian already taken" Tivador Soros, father of arch-"friend" Russian George Soros. For a family of Soros speed of the Red Army was a matter of survival. Red Army and Navy and of the Soros rescued, and his faithful Podrabinek spared the implementation of the "Final Solution", which the company will never forgive the Soviet soldier. Hates him into hysterics. It's a long time it's no news.
But what prompted the villain "Granite" and Novodvorskaia that the Red Army entered the territory of Austria April 13, 1945? After all, back in March, Soviet troops were already in this country.
The explanation is very simple — the liberal thinker simply messed up the entry of the Red Army on the territory of Austria with the completion of its assault on the capital. April 13 was broken last resistance of the Germans in Vienna.
And what, in essence, the difference is advanced obschecheloveku? For him, the main thing — the Soviet army fiercely hated, and only when she came there to Austria and Vienna took when liberals do not have to know.
Many interesting things can be found at Novodvorskaia. For example: "However, even with Putin not have the nerve to say that the Soviet Army liberated Warsaw." I wonder what happened in this case, January 17, 1945? And who, in the opinion of Russian liberals liberated Warsaw — the Americans, the British, the Martians soldiers or European Union?
Moreover, the nonsense liberals are able to write not only about the Second World War. They're in every historical epoch all messed up. Perhaps the most fun historic discovery Novodvorskaia and "Facets" is a reference to "the suppression of the Kościuszko Uprising in 1799.".
Where simple liberalke with knowledge of the Russian language to know what Tadeusz Kosciuszko uprising in 1799 put down Russia could not, even if I very much wanted? She's already done it in 1794. Kosciuszko was taken prisoner, and in 1796 took the oath of allegiance and was allowed to go home. Russian Emperor Paul graciously donated a track to the national hero of Poland 12 thousand rubles, coach, sable coat and hat, fur boots, and silverware. Took a proud nobleman imperial alms, do not disdain. The fact is not begging to Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Russian Tsar in addition to a fur coat and boots and even lower belishke, information is not preserved. In 1798 he settled near Paris and lived it to Russian money, no longer trying to arrange any uprisings. Shaken, however, Napoleon exorbitantly territorial claims in Poland. Poland wanted to Kosciusko from Riga to Odessa and from Danzig to Hungary. The French Emperor, unlike Russian, clothes and shoes did not give Kosciuszko. Took, and wrote of him: "However, all of his behavior proves that he is a fool. It is necessary to provide for him to do what he wants, without paying any attention to him. "
If you could follow the advice of Bonaparte and against modern liberaliteta. But since they are very active on the history of being bullied.
"Celebrated would, perhaps, the allies — the U.S., Britain, France — the day of victory over Hitler alone, without us, and accidents of the Baltic States and the Warsaw Pact. They — the wedding, we have — the funeral. They are winners, they have the right "- advised Novodvorskaja. Oh, she would fall with Soros Podrabinek, "Granite", "Echo of Moscow" and Garry Kasparov at the disposal of the "fighters against totalitarianism" from "accidents Baltic States" at the time. Then it would have been a funeral. Or, more precisely, the replenishment of stocks of raw soap industry …
A valuable tip USA, UK, France, to celebrate the Victory Day alone a few late. They are funny and no hint Novodvorskaia not 9, and May 8, the day of victory recognize.
Maxim Bush
12/04/2010 7:47

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