For many lords protein for laborers — are dead last

In 1-x, 5 years ago, during my first trip, the village was, perhaps, in the damn state. Then took first in the rural area of Leeds strike. On the farm due to lack of fodder cut cattle. On mehdvary — combines the open air, have sprouted up on the same grain. The stores — card system. State debt — 800 million. Already at this time the villagers reminded me:
Man: "It came at 4 months of wages not paid until 2003 …"
Second occasion. A year earlier the former collective farm in the bazaars Vavyurke agrogorodok appeared that suddenly became officially considered one of the best in the area. B-3, the center of the settlement outside indeed changed to the best. I was told about this member and local historian Valery Slivkin from Lida.

Slivkin "When drove perfectly — colored roof tiles laid …"
The other day in the journal "Lida chronicler" Valery went thorough experience of the history Vaviorka. Created shared by some fascinating.
Slivkin: "At first the men of the 16th century Vaviorka trained in Cracow Institute. Township tract at Vilnius — Krakow was on the map of Tomas Makovsky. Hence the failure came in 1650. Troops Russian governors Khovanskii killed him, and only in the late 18th century village recovered. And Samuel Kostrovitsky built one of the best churches Lida. His daughter Melanie, educated and capable artist was adopted at the Austrian court. According to legend, became pregnant by Napoleon II. Son away and raised in the Vatican — the dreaded inheritance ruler. Summary Vaviorka a name, — an ancient cemetery. I found, for example, the tomb of Prince Giedroyc. And in the same grave of Ian rooster named Grim. He was taken in 1987 and smuggle across Poland — on the way people stood and cheered. It took two times German bullpen. Stay 7 graves his fighter … "
With the new economy manage Ivan Blyudnikam encounter failed. But on the phone he told:
Blyudnik "payables decreased by 2 times. Salaries paid constantly and good — average 387 rubles. Available farm wages have milkmaids 600-700 rubles. Milk — 83% is the highest grade. Who works that have wages , animals, machinery. And South American harvesters, tractors and German "Klein." lined one milking room. build another … "
Village council chairman Ivan Iodko who told here about my arrival, aggressively offered to visit one of so called presidential houses. There, on the construction of the garage found the 45-year-old unemployed Fedor Shyrmu. Not so long ago was "the best guest workers." That’s what it means his eyes on him.
Screen "came from Moscow — brother died, my mother assist.’ve Got company was" legitimate "from Minsk. Dwelling was once a day fed. I worked at the Frenchman, insert plastic doors, ceilings. We did and registration. A illegals — tragedy, especially in a day wages. All flee, as in holes … And here is the owner! "

Seeking a 40-year-old caretaker bulls Valentin Pyatrashkam. Has 3 children. House gave half year reversed.
Pyatrashka: "The house floors and ceilings" not puchilo. "Wallpaper glued themselves. Barnyard finishing work themselves. 10 years of age must work in agro. But we decided to retirement — in some places you need any …"
I go to the woodshop that near. Meets foreman, 58-year-old Thaddeus Bunkevich. Gradually collected and all six working. During the conversation, obviously pink paint starting to fade.

Bunkevich: "When agro asphalted road, the school did. Wage increases — I 250-300 …"
Reporter: "Nothing for yourself" grows "!"
Man: "What are you gonna read — 150 rubles! No comments because they do not have so much!"
But during the upcoming conversation with the Emperor himself Bunkevich falls optimistic mask.
Bunkevich: "Not enough timber because there is no money in the kolkhoz. Forests are a windbreak, and while meeting papers available on the system to do — not worth powder and shot. Windbreak rots, and people and organizations do not provide pick! Let us give to clean 5 thousand per cubic! And that while otyschesh delyanochkoy clean. People previously given for 3 thousand per cubic meter to collect, and at the moment 10. And now fled to the farm on "wood" fuel — energy savings. And we, as the homeless, ask the forester though garbage clean. Just soul hurts! "
At the exit of the shop hear resounding cheers — "sovereign correspondent, wait!" See me hobbling old lady. Seeking to Yadvisyu Frantsevna catchy. Invites. It disabled the second group, 45 years as a livestock specialist. Beside her, Anna Kostyuk, 33-year-old daughter, dead, pavaryha. Has 3 women — rice-little-less. Ilontsy — 4 years old. ’15 Husband works in continuous Vavyurke driver. It turns out that someone like me then expected.
Kostyuk, "I wanted to address on the radio. At this point in my Gorgaza 500 thousand debt. And I can not pay. We get 300 thousand — and you need 100 of them for gas. Blyudnika By chairman Ivan Felixovich addressed. We asked him — give us a bull. We fatten it, sell it and pay for the gas — not given! The more we look, the more they knocked us. I went to the President for help, he is currently not welcome. Wife accuses — "that your dyalavaya spouse for all walks up to me! "Because nowhere appeal because they do not give to live …"
Minsk asked for a comment about Ivan Blyudnika.
Blyudnik "Kostyuk assisted for the water, and about statements goby I was not. Do not know what they complain …"
But Ms. Kostiuk yes heron many prirekany the level of concern for people.
Kostyuk, "I have no kids to become literate, because there is nothing to buy. During their funds spent sewer, water, gas. Built my father’s house to marry. Selsovet scary! Can anyone worried because approves them. And I do not I’m afraid! I can tell eyes — Blyudnik no one greets! "
Heron: "My husband is 18 months, died. He recognized pancreatic cancer. And we lived in the dungeons. And it is bad. I’m on the road, crying, waving his hands. Goes Blyudnik — about me gazanul, once the dust has gone, there is none here agrotown — what! not even put up a fence, the track is not paved. Near the village council put the latest record, and in others? And they deftly they say! "
With Ivan Lord, 5 years ago teacher, now deputy head of the club could not come across. The only member of the BPF is then read and sharp and to the point. Here is his assessment of the situation in the agro.

Hurt: "Nothing has changed! Curbs Well put. And I think if agrogorodok need to create jobs. Well where to go — to the farm for 100 thousand? And calculate the grass, with the weave. Both tractor povinet more funds will be. And it happens. (laughs) Wages in very small farmers. 10-15 elite American tractors produced, and that the other? Bulls feed — was 400 thousand salary. Currently under 200 — "no gain." Who povinet that give such food? And fed a week and at 4 am to get up. Main — is poverty. And especially suppresses system when doing in the area of state. For you once: "I do not want, do not do, expel, find a substitute . "all fear. Strikes, as before, will not …"
At the same sovereign Blyudnika should ask about their attitude to farming. 5 years ago here on n
aikrupneyshgo representative newest forms of management Stanislaw Nowicki many villagers Do not pray — if not the only source of work, for what actually paid. He had 50 hectares of land, machinery. Here now said about his new manager.
Blyudnik: "He has his own farm, I have mine. He appealed for help to remove the technique beets. I help. Suppose works — Novitsky owner. No obstacles from the economy …"
Always busy Stanislaw Nowicki on the site is also not found. Caught on the phone with a question — what has changed in 5 years? Everything is so clear as sovereign Blyudnik knows?
Nowicki: "Technology is more than three MAZ, ZIL-131 has 4 cars. Specialty same — cereals, vegetables …"
Reporter: "Farms want to open …"
Nowicki: "Raskidali — empty kolkhoz svinaferma. Wrote several applications to buy or rent — and not given to local management. Though it is unprofitable to keep pigs. Goals I wanted to take on the 100 .. I Vavyurke In one peasant tenants who has over 3 hectares of 7 people. Every year, the lowest income — purchase price, prices, taxes, equipment and spare parts in a couple of times expensive. Such example nipel thrust into the chamber at the moment 30 thousand, and three years backwards — 3-5 thousand. And for more milk only 100 rubles. Quiet nightmare — life for accommodation, support pants … "
Reporter: "You offspring of Victor …"
Nowicki: "Farming it rewritten. Says if everything will not be engaged. I grabbed a heart attack — I have all give a damn …"
In the end I was going to do a little test. Knowing that, the level of employment, and Ivan Blyudniku and Stanislav Novitsky copse hardly necessary, asked how they represent it at least.
Reporter: "In Vavyurke proteins are found in the woods?"
Blyudnik: "Enough — and a lot of …"
Nowicki: "No, no. And the hunt for their long closed. Title village remained, and the proteins were gone …" Tags: travel, freedom

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