Former chairman Belneftehim repented before Lukashenko

Ex-chairman of "Belneftekhim", who is suspected of abuse of office, has pleaded not guilty, but with all this said that "feels guilty before Alexander Lukashenko," which he "always helped."
Alexander Borovsky requested the Tribunal to take into account that it is unhealthy spouse.
Recall, according to Corollary Alexander Borovsky state losses inflicted by 1.6 million bucks. The prosecutor claimed for him 6 years in prison without confiscation of property, but with the compensation of damage and banned for 5 years to assume leadership positions.
Former chairman of the sentence "Belneftekhim" will be announced on March 27.
Three year reversed former head of Presidential Affairs Galina Zhuravkova also pleaded not guilty in court, immediately announcing his own fault before Alexander Lukashenko "for what has not justified his confidence." steeling Tribunal found guilty of theft and sentenced to four years in prison, but to jail the former head of affairs is not horrible. At first, she was found unhealthy, and later she was pardoned by a special decree Alexander Lukashenko.

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