France began to build the first Mistral for Russian Navy

At the conclusion of the ceremony of laying in the dry dock of the first helicopter carrier "Mistral" for the Russian Navy in the shipyards of San Nazaire French shipbuilders have begun to step build the ship, said on Friday a representative of the contractor DCNS Emmanuel Godez.

"Tab — a key milestone in the construction of the ship," — said Godez. It marks the completion of the preparatory work, which began exactly a year ago (the first iron plate of the future helicopter was sliced in February 2012), and the transition to a key stage — the assembly passesITAR-TASS.

"Construction of a helicopter for the Russian Federation in France is in full accordance with the schedule", — stressed in DCNS. It is planned that the first ship will be handed over to the Russian Navy in 2014, and the second ("Sebastopol") — at the end of 2015. They will be sent at the disposal of the Pacific Fleet.

Under the contract, the French side has held a series of modifications. "One of the requirements of the Russian side device ships to carry out combat tasks in cold conditions," — said Godez.

According to the newspaper VIEW, earlier Friday, the official representative of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Alex Kravchenko said that in Russia at the Baltic Shipyardare 75 sections aftthe first "Mistral", 40 of them — assembled on the stocks of the plant, another 35 — stockpiled nearby and waiting for their turn to complete the assembly.

"Moreover, 30 small sections of the aft part of the ship, which is said to have allegedly soon to be sent to France, can not physically be sent there, and the" senior "of the corporation could not have known," — he said, noting that the stern of the first ship fully assembled and sent by French specialists in the summer of this year.

"The fact that the employees of JSC" Baltic Shipyard — ship "is still to complete the assembly of all 120 projects under subcontracted sections in Russia, connect them tightly, and have all this stern-assembled unit will be sent to France," — said Kravchenko.

"Under the terms of the contract it has to happen this summer," — said the representative of USC.

The corporation also said that the French shipyards of Saint-Nazaireceremony will be heldthe first helicopter of the "Mistral" for the Navy of Russia, which will attend the Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

In the PSC was reminded that Russia's share in the construction of the first ship will be 20%, the second — 40%. After that, two more ships to be built in Russia under French license, but a representative of the corporation confirmed that the state defense order for 2013-2015 the money to build the third and fourth hulls of ships are not selected.

"Once we get the first two ships in 2014-2015 and they will enter the combat strength of the Pacific Fleet, it will be necessary to determine the fate of the two other ships. While the decision postponed till 2016 "- said the official.

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