France builds «Mistral» to Russia

France builds
French shipbuilding company DCNS in September 2012 will complete the second step of redesigning vertoletonosnogo landing ship dock like «Mistral» in accordance with the requirements of the Defence Ministry. As reported by Jane’s, the ship will be able to take on board Ka-Ka-29K and 52K, will receive additional energy installation and a number of other configurations.

First step of designing the ship ended in April this year; DCNS modified plan came out to defend the ship. Started immediately after this second step. According to DCNS, dimensions hangars «Mistral» will be increased, so that they were able to fit deck Ka-Ka-29K and 52K, made under the coaxial. In addition, the helicopter will be built for the Russian Federation, taking into account operating in the Arctic region — they will install additional energy for heating different parts of the deck.

All systems and equipment on board the ship will be Russified. On the «Mistral» will be installed Russian and French equipment, control and communications; DCNS will need to ensure compatibility of systems. Part of such equipment will be installed on the ship in the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, part — one of Russian shipyards. In addition, in Saint-Nazaire under construction to obtain Russian ship fire control systems.

According to DCNS, «Mistral» to receive the RF gun mounts AK-360 30-mm in the front of the starboard side and the rear of the ship to port. SAM installation 3M47 «Bending» be placed in front of the starboard and back — on the left. DCNS will prepare a place for the weapons, while themselves military systems will be delivered to the ship already in Russia.

As the main surveillance radar station on Russian «Mistral» French will be used radar Thales MRR-3D-NG, working in the G-wave spectrum. Such radars are on the 3-class helicopter «Mistral» as part of the French Navy. As implied, DCNS will give Russian first ship of «Mistral» — «Vladivostok» — In 2014, and the second — «Sevastopol» — In 2015.

Russian Federation and France have put his signature on the agreement for the supply of 2-helicopter «Mistral» in June 2011. The cost of the agreement amounted to 1.2 billion euros. In addition, the parties entered into a call option on the scene more 2-such ships in Russia. Respective contract is intended to be signed in late 2012 — early 2013.

Construction of the first «Mistral» French production started February 1, 2012 at a shipyard in Saint-Nazaire. First Russian helicopter production is meant to be laid October 1, 2012. Cutting metal for the second «Mistral» Russian production is scheduled for May 2013.

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