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A year earlier team became a member of the European Theatre Convention (ETC) and immediately this was nominated for "Oscar Theatre."
Make a list of the nominees in the Belarusians owner recommended award 2006 playwright Harold Pinter, a past president of the Czech Republic, winner of the 2002 Vaclav Havel, President of the European Theatre Convention Jean Berutstsy Kloden and playwright Tom Stoppard.
"Free Theatre" was among the notable recipients of the award.
About his own impressions knows founder and director of "Free Theatre" Nikolay Khalezin:
"It was bolshennom hall" Ahilika theater "living, that has status Tsarskoye Theatre of Greece. For a day or two we played three performances, accomplished global premiere of "Zone of Silence". Yesterday was a big sympoziyum dedicated actually "Free Theatre", and already accomplished festive evening awards ceremony.
We all took the stage in theater, everyone’s right hand was wrapped denim ribbon. After receiving the Merit Natalya Kolyada gave a speech in which said that we would like to see the European award in one of the following years was presented in Minsk, Belarus will be free when. We got the European flag, on which was written in the middle of "Belarus". Also came on the scene we assist Alexander Milinkevich, who came to support us in the living room. The flag was presented to the former Minister of Culture of France, Jacques Lange, one of the founders of this prestigious award. "
After last year "Free Theatre" was awarded the International Prize of the French Republic in the field of Human Rights "Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood." For two years team went on tour, which was not in the history of Belarusian theater — in New York, Munich, Paris and London.
Culturologist Maxim Zhbankov reads like some other theater projects, which is popular outside Belarus "Free Theatre" at home has the status of "alternative." But this status, according to the professional must:
"I time wrote an article for the Czechs and began to understand how they were created. And it turned out that, in the 1-x, was intrigued Khalezin in stage work. In-2, with Kupala theater director thrown Scherban practically pushed. B-3, began to prohibit actor-Kupala participate in such pilot projects. There one of the actresses written a play, it was not allowed to show even for their own. And so they started zbudovvats yourself some separate area. Because, basically, we have here this candidacy in case the same "Free Theatre" — to a certain extent bound status. "
Last year, during the General Assembly of the European Theatre Convention, which includes more than 20 leading theaters of European countries, the unanimous decision of the convention was adopted "Free Theatre". In the theater community "Free Theatre" on a special account. Because of the existence of clandestine financial situation at home team is very shaky, the administration is unable to pay considerable yearly installments. Realizing the political situation in Belarus, the big theaters in a symbol of solidarity brought money for "Free Theatre" in clubbing.
"Free Theatre" has no invariable sites in Belarus, because impressions, half underground, take place either in small clubs or on private apartments. At times such andergravndnyya performances completed "pazastsenarna." In August last year armed commandos stormed the house in Bangalore Square in Minsk and arrested more than 50 spectators, artists, professionals from France and Holland.
For his role in the performances of "Free Theatre" some actors dismissed from municipal theaters. Anna Solomyanskaya — from the State Academic Drama Theater bitter, Marina Yurevich — Drama Theatre of the Belarusian army.

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