Freedom of the process 14 years

April 23, the court sentenced to fines and restriction of freedom of 9 people.
Andrei Kim was charged to the same dangers policeman during a demonstration January 21 and punished imprisonment for 18 months.

Continuation of the "case of 14"
"Case 14": front — new courts
In the case of 14 — 10 convicts
The prosecutor asked for the accused from 2 to 2.5 years
"Our young people such convictions not break"
"The process of 14". Memories of a day or a third
"The process of 14". 3rd day: Photo
In the Tribunal is not missed all
"Will always support people who are fighting for independence "
Case of 14: results of a second a day or
Bondar: "The verdict is to scare young people"
M.Pashkevich: "Just because we did not justify
Z. Dashkevich: "Change is overdue, and the court — because the testimony"
"The process of 14". What struck
First day of the court: police showed contradictory
"The process of 14": results of the first a day or

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