Frenchman raises the Russian brand to the world level

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Count Jacques von Polier poses with the clock from the collection of "Rocket", the sale of which will begin in November.

For the shabby Soviet facades sometimes lurk companies with extensive commercial potential. Heads for two years, the plant Peterhof — Rocket, 35-year-old Frenchman Jacques von Polier aims to create the first Russian brand, known all over the world.

Why did you set off in such a venture?

I come from the financial sector, but I am a creative person. This project allows me to express that creativity, because I am also chairman of the board of directors and creative director of "Missiles". The bank had been a mistake in the way that allowed me to accumulate some capital and helps me today in search of investors.

What are the advantages of the brand "Rocket"?

"Rocket" is currently the only Russian brand, which produces watches from A to Z. Nothing to do with brands that simply collect watches from parts manufactured elsewhere. Our factory in St. Petersburg produces 250 parts required. There are only four or five Swiss brands that do the same thing.

Who are your current customers?

Almost all of our products are now designed to meet state orders. It is thanks to these orders the plant continues to operate for 20 years. This is orders of the army, the FSB, MES, etc. This clientele gives us a good image, but you can not make a profit. We want to buck the trend and win the general public.

Investments in the Russian watch brand seems very risky …

15 years ago were anti-Russian patriots. They only wanted to imported products. Everything has changed. There is a desire to consume Russian products, and we make money on it. We want to create the first well-known Russian brand. In other countries, there are Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. Each country has its big brands, with the exception of Russia.

Are the Russians buyers hours? What kind of clientele do you expect?

Watch now become useless with all these electronic devices that surround us. But in Russia there is a real demand, because the clock denote social status, and the Russian love for it to be seen. Clock is a very popular fashion accessory for men is the latest valuable object that stays with you when the car is parked. But we have to be realistic, "Rocket" can not compete with the big Swiss brands. We are focused on the middle level.

We saw Putin and Patriarch Kirill flaunt very expensive Swiss watch. Will we see them once with the "Rocket" on the wrist?

For many Russians, "Rocket" was their first watch. I would not be surprised to learn that it was Putin, especially since he is a native of St. Petersburg, where the brand has been especially popular. It is true that after the scandal with the Swiss watch, some will want to wear put on display something more modest and patriotic.

Will start the first brand in Russia?

No, we will begin to run at the same time selling internationally. We will start selling our new collection in November, and I'm currently preparing a series of events to promote the brand. We are already in negotiations with the London Harrod's, a store on the Champs Elysees, prestigious boutiques in Moscow and the Russian leader trade by mail. Natalia Vodianova has promised us his support in the development of the female line "Missiles", in order to dilute the military style a bit …

Key figures:
Number of employees: 80
Turnover in 2009: EUR 500,000
Turnover in 2010 (projected): 2.000.000 EUR
The number of hours produced in 2009: 12,500
15 models launched on the market since November 2010
Price: from 200 to 600 euro

SPRAVA >> 15/09/2010 a 17:05
It is also necessary to emphasize the fact that Jacques von Polje (Count origin) is a bold and small: he crossed Russia and Central Asia in the field of 4×4, resourceful and stubborn! When the crisis in 1998 forced the Carrefour and Renault to leave Russia, he remained, and though ruined, again went on the attack! I'll add that when the Frenchman needs help in Moscow, Jacques always helps! Thank Fig, did a bit of advertising this super guy!

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