From the list of excluded solemn day memory …

"Belarusian path" in 1918 he writes: "The meeting of Catholic and Orthodox clergy in Ivyanetskago menskago zhanochago and monasteries, which was specified in the apartment tuteyshago priest dean Sviatopolk-Mirskago not accomplished since the Orthodox confessors or come to the meeting. Peredacha ladies Catholic monastery such order is not clear; Ivenets monastery already peredadeny Catholic clergy and there went 29 GM naznacheny proboshcham, priest Suharsky, byushy Calvary, and after vyazynski proboshch. "
In 1948 year "Lim" editorial notes: "Missions to our collective of artists allow tighter contact with the people … For this it is necessary that the Alliance writers BSSR, theater groups, organized joint Philharmonic small teams with specially prepared applets. For all this we need to firmly fight against any kind of base products that are beginning to reappear in connection with the transition to self-sufficiency theaters. "
"Name" in 1998 year report on the new decree President of Belarus"From the day of solemn memory excluded (Grandparents), as belonging to a religion. But according to conventional logic, without leaving the workplace in today, impossible to visit the graves Protz. Canceling off, the population is not taken away a day of rest, and the right to think about everyday hutkaplynnastsi endless and remember their own roots. "

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