FSB: In 2012, Russia was stopped work 34 181 employees and agents of foreign intelligence services

In 2012, the FSB has prevented six terrorist attacks thwarted the activities of 34 staff employees and 181 agents of foreign intelligence services, said Thursday President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the expanded board of the FSB.

According to him, these figures suggest a rather complicated and stressful operational environment.

"Today's terrorist attack in the Caucasus proof. Therefore, all anti-terror forces must be in the highest degree of concentration and mobilization readiness ", — Putin.

"Any direct or indirect interference in our internal affairs, any form of pressure on Russia, our allies and partners is unacceptable", — Putin said."Investigate and prevented tens of terrorist crimes, generally 99 crimes, including six attacks. Maybe this is one of the main results of your work ", — The head of state.

We have formed a strong, capable, mature civil society, Putin continued. "I also want to emphasize, no one has a monopoly on the right to speak on behalf of the whole of Russian society, especially for structures managed and funded from abroad, and thus inevitably serve the interests of others — strictly warned President

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