FSUE KGNTS develops technology to protect the propellers of ships from corrosion

In Krylovskaya State Research Centre of the forces of experts of the physical fields of marine facilities and the ocean has completed the first stage of development work "Development of technology for contactless conversion of electrical current to the active corrosion protection of propellers, propeller shafts, bearings."


To protect against corrosion valovintovogo complex vessels used contact-brush devices to provide electrical contact with the hull rotating propeller shaft. A disadvantage of these devices is the inevitable increase in the electric resistivity transition sliding contact during operation, which leads to corrosive damage to propellers and propeller shafts and bearings.

Developed a new technology designed to replace the unreliable mechanical contact and non-contact brush device DC converters with microprocessor control. With them will be sending an electric current from the active corrosion protection system to the propeller shaft. In addition to addressing the problem of unstable ground propeller shaft, the new technology will allow for continuous monitoring of the level of corrosion protection of propellers and automatic adjustment of protective current.

At the first stage of the work was performed computational and experimental studies to justify the choice of methods and parameters of the non-contact current converter. The first phase of the ROC "Earth-1" is made in the framework of the Federal Program "Development of civil marine engineering for 2009-2016."

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