FSUE NPC Gas Turbine Salute (Moscow) continues to increase production

In the last 2012 Federal State Unitary Enterprise "SPC Gas Turbine" Salute "has done considerable work on the execution of previously concluded contractual obligations. During the year, the company planned to increase production volumes, repair and service of aircraft engines.

For the year 2012 was sold 105 AL-31F engines and its modifications, more than 33 AI-222-25, 12 sets of nodes products D-436, and a 3 turbopump unit (TPU-150) for aircraft tankers. Revenue growth in 2012 compared to 2011 was 22.7%. In addition, the production sites of the parent company FSUE "SPC Gas Turbine" Salute "and in the branch" OMO them. PI Baranova, "was the complex of works on repair and maintenance of more than 100 aircraft engines.

The volume of the obligations under the previously signed agreements was 100%. Annual output per worker in 2012 amounted to 1492 rubles., which corresponds to an increase of this index compared to 2011 by 23.1%.

This year the company intends to increase the available output. So in the plans for 2013 given the task to bring the production AL-31F engines and modifications to 115 units and 60 units of AI-222-25.

Currently there is an agreement for the supply by the end of the year two GTD 20/12 for the domestic oil and gas industry representatives, LLC "Gazprom mining Nadim" NGKM "Bovanenko."

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