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Gastropanel — a set of laboratory tests of blood, which allows you to evaluate the functional and anatomical status of the gastric mucosa.

What kind of information gives Gastropanel?

  • allows the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection and assess the need for treatment;
  • allows the diagnosis of atrophic gastritis;
  • assess the likelihood of different state of the gastric mucosa (normal, gastritis, atrophic gastritis);
  • assess the risk of developing cancer of the stomach;
  • assess the risk of peptic ulcer disease;
  • assess the risk of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and Barrett's esophagus;
  • give advice on the feasibility of endoscopy and histology.

What indicators are included in the gastropanel?

1) antibodies to Helicobacter pylori (IgG)provide an indication of the body infected by the bacteria;  

2) pepsinogen 1 a protein that is produced by the main body and bottom cells of the stomach. Reducing its concentration in the blood evidence of atrophic status of the body of the stomach mucosa;

3) gastrin-17 hormone, regulating the secretion of hydrochloric acid, motor skills and maturation of cells of the gastric mucosa. Its level can vary depending on the level of gastric secretion (acidity) — to rise at lower temperatures and decrease with increasing.

Who shows a survey on gastropanel?

  1. patients with complaints of pain and discomfort in the stomach;
  2. close relatives of patients with gastric cancer;
  3. Patients with contraindications to endoscopic examination;
  4. patients with vitamin B12 deficiency, diseases of the nervous system (depression, neuropathy, dementia);
  5. Patients with high homocysteine levels, diseases of the cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack);
  6. persons over 45 years of age and smoking, for prophylactic medical examination.

What are the contraindications for the study?

Allergy to soy, dairy products, eggs, chocolate is a contraindication for gastropaneli, as these products are included in a protein shake, used during the stimulation.

How to prepare for the study?

After prior consultation with the doctor for 1 week before the study is necessary to refrain from taking drugs that affect gastric secretion, 1 day to refrain from taking medications that neutralize hydrochloric acid. You should also refrain from strenuous exercise, alcohol intake for 24 hours prior to blood sampling, the day before going to bed at the usual time and get up no later than one hour prior to blood sampling. Morning of the study did not smoke, eat, drink.

How is the study of blood on gastropanel?

Research is conducted strictly on an empty stomach (fasting period of at least 12 hours). In the treatment room in a patient taking a small amount of blood from a vein. Then he was invited to drink 100 ml of the drink high in soy protein (17 gastrin secretion stimulator). 20 minutes after receiving secretion stimulator repeated blood sample taken.

How many days to prepare Gastropanel?

16 working days.

What are normal results Gastropaneli?




40 — 130 mg / l


6 — 45 pmol / l

Antibodies to H. pylori IgG

<30 IU

What if the identified deviations in Gastropaneli?

The results of the survey should consult a doctor-gastroenterologist.

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