Gayneken makes breakthrough on the beer market in Belarus

Possession Rechitsa Dutch brewery come from 1 July 2008.
In December 2007, "Gayneken" has acquired a controlling stake in Bobruisk brewing company "Syabar" that gives rise to professionals predict: in This year "Heineken" will be released on the second place in Belarus in the production of beer, and if all goes as planned, will take about 25% of the Belarusian market.
On the arrival of the Dutch brewery Rechitsa investors happy and lozhut cooperation enormous expectations. As stated in one of the managers of the enterprise, in which case you need to take into account not only the currency investments, and advanced manufacturing technology that will come to the company, as an advanced form of trade and promotion of the product to other markets.
We can pin that finally appears on the Belarusian market premium beer, which in Belarus has not boiled? My interlocutor believes that Belarusian criteria is fairly distant prospect:
"Fact, that a cheap import from somewhere silly position: constituent transport costs are very high. On expensive beer fraction of transportation costs is not so sensitive, because expensive varieties profitably cook only when the productive capacity meets demand. Need very severe technological strip. Premium sales in Belarus impartially is not so high, and technological equipment for the production of very severe. Because mass excellent position slop, on the basis of a particular area, and exclusive — cooking in one place, so that the creation of equipment was loaded and worked perfectly. "
According to representatives of Rechitsky brewery recently bid will be made on Russian brands belonging "Gaynekenu" from September on the other Dutch-controlled brewery "Friend" will start: preparation of beer "Dr. Dyzel" whereupon Bobruisk and Rechitza razliv take on economic types under the guise of "PIT".
By the way, with the arrival of foreigners in Rechitza not exclude reshuffle. As practice shows, somewhere for six months the investor comes to the course of the economic situation, then leaves the old part of the control, or a personnel reform. For example, this year’s chairman of the supervisory board of the brewing company "Syabry" appointed Dutchman Henk van Gelderen. After in the past year, shareholders Minsk "Alivaria" became Scandinavian capital under the guise of "Baltic Beverages Holding", in the chair CEO Nicholas Dudka, who took this place after a catastrophic destruction own mother, replaced Russian Viktor Semak. from Russia focused on "Olivar" and Commercial Director.
Economist Sergei Balykin states that investments in the Belarusian breweries have long needed. Together with the fact he does not believe that the Belarusian economy in particular will benefit from it:
"In fact, this branch needed selling has long because the quality of our beer, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. Beer No branch is strategic because it can be sold, and the state of bad will. She asks some fairly investments.
But the fact that the implementation of beer companies in general does not indicate that we have there is any significant liberalization or that are involved here any significant investment. Foreign investor comes in those branches of industry, where in-1’s, you can pretty quickly make a profit.
And in-2, the acquisition of these beer companies here allows you to enter the Belarusian market. From that of the investor Belarusian economy is still better not be. The market will be more kinds of beer, which is great for the consumer, but the investor will receive a profit here and transfer it abroad. "
At the moment, the balance of power in the Belarusian beer market looks like this: "Rechitsapivo" and "Friends" — under the auspices of "Gayneken." Policy on "Alivaria" forms the "VNR." Minsk "Source develops cost of domestic inputs and pulls two enterprises — Brest and Polotsk. Lida brewery stands separately, but "Gayneken" has already claimed to have for Lida vkladyvatelny fascinating project.
The company "Heineken NV" based in the Netherlands in 1864. This naikrupneyshim brewer in Europe and the fourth — in the world. Has 120 breweries in 65 countries, produces 170 kinds of beer.

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