Glasses: A.Fedaravu — 5 years of intensive regime

The property is subject to forfeiture of the convicted. He must return to the state of 15 million 342 thousand 600 rubles. In addition, Alexander Fedorov disqualified for 5 years to assume leadership positions.
The verdict can be appealed to a higher court within 10 days.
Alexander Fedorov — the head of the organization Shklou BNF, an active participant election campaigns. In 2001, during presidential elections, He was arrested on the orders of the district prosecutor, but soon released.
Yesterday in court Alexander Fedorov made a last word. He said that 9 months in detention.
"I have a family, kids, old mom — I only support them," — said Alexander Fedorov.
Details — later on the website and in the air Radio Liberty

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