Global Bank is busy, so in Belarus was warm and light

The agreement anticipates that these funds will be used only to reconstruct a saving hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Since the House of Representatives on their own contract ratified last meeting, the funds will start to master since May.
Belarusian legislation anticipates that a similar loan will certainly need to be ratified in the House of Representatives. And the Chairman of the Municipal Committee for Standardization Valery roots that document represented the deputies, said foreign funds are very much needed:
"Loan from this project will be applied to the solution of pressing social problems, first energy efficiency. Equity posodeystvuyut update around 100 social facilities throughout the area of the country."
Commentator Konstantin Skuratovich dealing with the research of social sphere, says that in his experience ascertained, as the burning this problem:
"We’ve all done something stupid, for some guidelines. Now I was discharged from the clinic in Smalyavichy. Their are three aspects that assess performance. 1st — energy savings institutions.
And slightly dark, rain go. And not in the Housewhat to do. Newspaper can not be read, because you can not turn on the light. Nurse comes and excludes: here you lechyssya and break your eyes.
Not mind everything is done, not by persuasion. The same energy saving — because you can spend on each bed little economic bulb. So that everyone could turn on and read. "
Valery Koreshkov notes: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with a municipal guarantee loans usually gives a very good-quality criteria and long term. On This time so: credit is given as much as 17 years with deferred repayment for 5 years, and the rate calculation — 2.6% per year.
"Certainly these conditions are lending very profitable for Belarus", — said chairman of the Municipal Committee for Standardization.
Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika warns you must very carefully to control this and similar projects, as there are cases where a significant part of the money ended up in the pockets of international and Belarusian officials:
"Means we took. But they may differ in the form of salaries and prizes for the Belarusian government officials and other structures. They disperse and among officials at the local level. And meanwhileand who puts boilers, pipes and leads makes all Other "
Meanwhile Global Bank is considering a new loan Belarus in the amount of 100-150 million dollars. Development of these tools provides since 2010.

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