Gomel bullpen phones installed

In Zhodino four pro-democracy activists are sitting in company shares on March 23. Another five — in Gomel.
Relatives and friends of those arrested have gained, that in jail Akrestsin Street detainees transferred water, juices and warm clothes. It happened yesterday after lengthy negotiations and complaints to various authorities.
Three or four hours there are people in line to pass the packet to the camera. Some managed to convey food and things back in court day, March 26, at the police station.
Mom activist unregistered organization "Young Front" Valeria Mackiewicz, Mackiewicz Dean came to the tribunal from Bobruisk:
"I gave two jackets, if anyone of the guys would not, pants, two woolly hats, well, too, to share with someone. Shoes because suddenly his boots wet. Towel did not take. Did not take such baby blanket — conceived that can be padstsilats to sleep. "
Back in January while serving arrest for his role in unsanctioned a symbol of protest against the government’s policies with respect to small businesses, has launched a campaign to improve the criterion content spetspriemkah.
Opposition members referred to the new administrative executive Code guaranteeing detainees walk opportunity to use the phone, have bedding, etc.
In Minsk, while configurations did not work, but the conversion facility in Gomel Paul Seviarynets referred sensational.
"I was on a mobile phone suddenly rang Andrew Tsyanyuta which sits a week as a day in Gomel prison. Called and said, after campaign for the best conditions of detention in jail in solitary confinement in Gomel installed payphones which convicted have the right use it. "
Businessman Ales Taustyka now be at the prison gate Akrestsin Street. He told the "Freedom":
"Why denied warm jackets? They referred to the fact that those arrested in jackets and so, and they are so warm and. Finally have gained about that warm thing they will take, and water, but in limited quantities."
Behind bars at the moment are mostly activists of various youth organizations, most of them are members of the "Young Front". Among them favorite organization Dashkevich, his deputy Arthur Ekaterina and Vladimir Solovyov Sergeyev.
Tribunal over Catherine in Polotsk was appointed on March 27th. Damu blame participation in an unregistered organization. Since Catherine Solovyov presently detained for five days, the date of the meeting will be called after, serving as the deadline of administrative arrest. A criminal case against Vladimir Sergeyev, in which it, together with 13 other activists blame the mess and mass hooliganism, yesterday handed over to the Tribunal Central district of Minsk.
Now and Catherine, and Vladimir can pre-trial detention.

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