Gomel: buy everything cheaper discounted

Lady: "Chur take the least, do not buy sausage — very expensive sausage. Buy a cheap eggs, milk is the most affordable. And ten percent cream. Try to choose. A such, that came and took it, what you want, we set for ourselves can not allow that. "
Man: "Have not buy apples first grade, and rotten. So kiwi. I’ve not picked up on 10-11 thousand rubles per kilogram and 5. Fish, too — took the tail 5 thousand, and not twelve. Buy everything cheaper discounted. "
Lady: "I’ve bought three grams of sardines, I have a small pension. 40 four years time, and I only get 313 thousand pension. The main meat not buy, buy better chicken — me more profitable. "
Man: "For as feral fish prices!"
Lady: "Hard cheeses expensive steel, meat is expensive. Fish than buy — its price is the same as in the meat. All proceeds are used only for food and utilities — no supplies can not do. "
Lady: "I’m buying, because I have a spouse earns more excellent."
Man: "I do not know what the taste of caviar. General I defected to the semolina. Munk me profitable. Kilogram Monkey I’ll take, and I have enough for a week. Varya on three semolina. On the water, do not milk and water. Economical ! "
Lady: "Renounce not refuse — buy less, As the last, meat products. Products often get frozen — they are cheaper. In short, we try to stay within their means. "
Lady: "The fish do not buy reddish!"
Man: "Those bananas worth three and a half thousand, at the moment — four. Seldom have to take. "
Lady: "Most of the meat products had to renounce. Dear! Generally speaking, all expensive. Same tomatoes — 7, 8 thousand rubles. Unbearably taking. Pay the rent so go choose what cheaper. Where will it be a person’s health? "

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