Gomel politician finds refuge in the UN

During the 2- in recent years Vladimir Katsora arrested for political activity 5 times. Altogether he spent behind bars almost 40 days in including 17 — for violating the law on mass events, sovereign states Katsora:
"Last time I was positioned behind bars in February this year, when I’m preparing a meeting with Alexander Milinkevich, distributed leaflets that she held. In the UN Committee on Human Rights appeal so that there I went through all instances in search of remedies. But to no avail. In-2-x, the Belarusian judiciary, punishing me violated International Covenant on civilians and Political Rights, which was signed by Belarus, ratified and pledged to do. But does not. And because I have a legal right to appeal to the UN Committee on the complaint. "
In my example, Vladimir Katsora shows the complaint that the police, and then train and Russian district courts Gomel, punishing the spread of disk imaging peaceful meeting of urban residents with the ex-presidential candidate Milinkevich violated not only the Constitution of Belarus, and articles 19 and 21 of Belarus signed the Covenant on civilians and Political Rights.
Views on lawyer Leonid Sudalenka municipal bureaucrats and judges, punishing activists forgets about international obligations of the country:
"Municipal bureaucrats forgets that not counting the law on mass events our country also has international obligations. National legislation contrary to international agreements our country. And the courts, and bureaucrats do these international agreements enshrined in the Covenant indicated. Because Katsora and appealed to the UN Committee on the complaint, in which it requests that the violation of his rights under the Covenant. "
Recall that in Last year The UN Committee on Human Rights has found illegal liquidation in Gomel oblast public associations "Civilians initiatives."

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