Gomel shrinkage or outage in the store Twist?

Now in the Central district court of Homel filed preliminary consideration extraordinary claim. Trade Joint Stock Company "Center" blames team store "Twist number 3" in a large theft of goods and industrial products and asks the team to recover from the real damage in the amount of 13.6 million rubles.
Defendants named 24 store employees: dealers, cashiers, operators, watchmen and porters. Among them, three members-independent trade union.
Through Tribunal Company "Center" seeks to recover from each of 60 workers from thousand to 1 million rubles. Amount of the claim for each is dependent on the position and time of work in "Karzintsy number 3."
Acting Head Shop Mrs. Olga denies that someone was stealing food, it clarifies claims tampering in a computer database store:
"For me as a head of a million rubles hanged shortcomings. Profitable shortage administration" Center ", because this is observed in a number of shops. Example, the store number 12" Alenka ", where, as we have also made an inventory. And there was terrible scarcity. I think that this is really profitable trade management friendship. If they can get into the relaxed our accounting computer, why can not "merge" in the pocket of the funds, products? And later durachiny such as we have from our own pockets to fill it, to return to the store. "
Other respondents cited specific examples. Receives, for example, store 20 packets of milk. The computer is listed — 70 packets. And so at every turn.
Referee Victor Kazachok, which is considering a lawsuit society "Center", was also surprised that two months in "Karzintsy number 3" formed loss by as much as 16.5 million rubles.
Accounting system products trade in the society "Center" and interested in law enforcement. Referee claimed submit costly paper and other documents.
Subsequent court hearing is scheduled for November 11.

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