Gomel: What’s the point with the fact that Lukashenko will say something?

Lady: "I do not have time to listen. Here their problems enough … And politics?!."
Man: "Do not listen. Especially do not want to listen. Not so long ago, I read in the newspaper" Komsomolskaya Pravda "that we are lagging behind economically RF 14-15 years. That does not suit me. And what’s the point of order that Lukashenko will say something? We have fifteen years behind. Means we will continue to lag even more. "
Man: "Did not even know about the show. Not very very I care about politics. "
Lady: "I have Lukashenka wanted to ask why the prices grow, and wages are in place? And no it is not kept under control. "
Lady: "Do not give Lukashenko youth develop. Specifically objectify itself does not give young people ".
Man: "The message I personally do not care. I — retired, retirement get. "
Lady: "I heard that he spoke and stated that we will have everything is fine. And that just — I do not know. I would wish that I personally have had a job that I had work and wages and living right. At the moment I go from an exchange of employment in the farm. Yesterday was eksbaze "Uvarovichi." We are going over there potatoes and gave us to work with 10 kg of potatoes. And how much is 10 kg of potatoes? This is a nightmare! "
Lady: "I listen to the message of the evening. I wish that scientists, teachers raised wages and pensions as bad so live. "
Lady: "Lukashenka only started performing — I left home. Too heavy! Not everyone can make perfect. "
Man: "I just do not have a radio and a TV set either."
Lady: "I listened. I motivate my life. And my life is clamped and clamped, take and take. Previously the rent I pay less at the moment quite crying. Everything has become more expensive. A retired I only received 20 thousand huge. But these 20 thousand — even in the shop does not converge. "
Man: "I am grateful to Lukashenko, As a disabled war veteran I get a decent pension, I was given an apartment."
Lady: "I started to listen, and then left. All that he would say, I sympathize with him. "
Lady: "Do not listen — I’ll work on. Tele we have, no radio. We have a very small salary — we are working in the service of life. Very low wages. One unreal live. If you still have a spouse, then somehow . "
Man: "In the morning I was not home, there was no source of which can be would listen Alexander Lukashenko. Unfortunately. I was wondering why it is not enough homes being built for people? And why not built so few arenas and football fields? It interests me the most. "

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