Gorodenco that unwilling numaravatstsa: We have a name!

Two Grodnenkoy — Lena SURBA and Tatiana Meshcheriakova — Demand that they had been issued a passport without an identification number. They wrote a complaint to the Tribunal, the Leninsky District town with a request, so he ordered the police to do it. Now the referee Lyudmila Zhukovskaja could see the complaint and did not satisfy them. Grodno region Tribunal for the first time deciphered such cases.
First appeared in court Lena SURBA — true to its name the passport data Leonardo. She explained that as orthodox believer fears that using the identification numbers can produce complete control over one’s personal life and his beliefs. At first, she contacted the police:
SURBA"Internal Affairs Division Oktyabrsky district refused me: say, all are required to have a passport with an identification number and no other way. We have appealed to the Constitutional Court, individually and collectively. And there is the answer, where the tribunal offers the Interior Ministry to solve this dilemma, find a way out, to find candidates. We are fighting for seven years, standing prayer occur in Minsk, we carry a petition to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Presidential Administration, we were promised that the issue will be resolved, but promises remained promises. It remains one — contact the tribunal in order to protect their rights under the Constitution and Code of civilians. "
But passport has always been numbered, why specifically identification number causes such hostility?
SURBA"The number can be any thing, document number, for example,

Phone may have some thing, the document object, but not a man.

object, but the number can not be a man. We have a name that we get at birth. According to the position of the church, the name may or father and mother — father, or gives the priest to baptize the child. "
Mate position has Meshcheriakova and Tatiana, a complaint which also saw the tribunal. Lena SURBA noted that, without a passport, she was six months can not get a pension, in the same position were even some of her supporters.
In court participated policemen who explained that the identification number — of mandatory requisite passport, without which it will be considered invalid. The Tribunal has arranged this argument.
At the trial was a public defender Vladimir Khilmanovich. Here is his comment:
"To be honest, I’m sorry these people who believe in their own right and reach yourself cancellation identification number. But it is clear that the court is controlled by law, and it is not within his competence — at the district level to resolve this issue. A general municipal authorities might think, since the 10’s and people are turning warrant and conduct taciturn pleas that may worth to amend the legislation, which would allow not enter this room. But to reach their own people in such a situation it is virtually impossible. "

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