Great earnings spouses experiencing marriage?

"I earn less, because you make me wash the dishes"
The family of Natasha initially reigned financial equality with their spouse wages were approximately similar. Some time Natasha was on maternity leave and then one spouse provides family. But five years ago, Natasha began rapidly shoots up the career ladder and its revenues also increased rapidly. At this point it will cover repair her husband’s car, pays his cell phone, food and acquires odezhku. Outside, they remain a good family, but the psychological pressure is, recognized Natasha:
Natasha: "Sometimes I try to tell him that he was an exemplary family, caring kids, to stuff them. And of course there are conflicts even rovnenko place virtually without washing the dishes. Word for word — and it begins: So I paid the least because you make me wash the dishes. "
Peasants in Belarus as before paying more
According to official statistics, the average ladies in Belarus earn 20-25 per cent less than men. So going to the same as the ladies often work in economical sphere — almost 86 percent of their health care, about 80 — in education. But various Belarusian Internet forums are increasingly appearing discussion on: spouse earns more than the husband and wife do not like it. Where such a phenomenon?
Belarus Ministry of Statistics in research households does not give details of individual income husband and wife, explains economist Yaroslav Romanchuk. In general, in certain business areas where wages are not regulated tariff rate, the lady may be significantly more successful. As it is a common phenomenon, hard to say.
Romanchuk: "Since we have one network tariff, then essentially read that we have sexism, it is impossible. We have wages that may be within a defined" fork "permitted tariff network. But it’s not such a deliberate policy of discrimination that may be, there is in another country. "
Means when a lady can not keep for yourself
All claims ladies who earn more are reduced to psychology, says the economist.
Romanchuk: "We need our peasants to accept the fact that women can earn more, they can make a career, and men can sit with your child as it is, for example, may be in Sweden or Denmark. If it is targeted and economically, and real and psychologically based belief of maintaining stability in the family. "
But that says dasledchytsa gender problems Olga Gapeeva?
Gapeeva: "Men are afraid of some such situations, as they behold the danger in this. They are afraid that the lady if she suddenly acquire here this economic independence, it would need to do something besides exactly match any of its requirements that she stayed with him. Dept. is simply not enough. He fails to say: I bring home money, and so you do all the household chores and look after the children. "
Means — just an excuse
Increased income spouse becomes a test of strength of marriage, says psychologist Marina Litoshko. Means always a good reason to put on the surface of some distortions in the relationship. Spouse may blame his wife and careerism in the fact that it is very much attention to their own wages. Spouse may also take positions sufferer: I earn, I save the family from starvation, and you lyanueshsya. Because such accusations indicate only the absence of inner harmony in marriage, says Ms. Litoshko:
Litoshko: "There are, of course, a profession in which initially different wages: a male teacher and a female sales manager. Of course, he will earn less. But, surely, if he and she realized in his own case, when they are satisfied with their lives, there is mutual insults will not be — everyone makes their own, just one earns more. But if there is any nerealizavanasts or lady believes that she would be willing to sit at home with the children oil paintings or write, but here you need to earn money … "
Favorite public business associations "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka states that in the benchmark lady just fine should earn, in other words, more than his own man. If a woman earns more, so it’s all luck. Anatoly has a girlfriend, which he considers a fully successful lady and her successes rejoices. How much she earns, Anatoly did not figure out.
Guys, for which principally, that the lady was not financially-independent, he does not appreciate:
Shumchanka: "It’s an inferiority complex, and this complex is expressed in the male. Real man should always triumph over his lady as she progresses in life, earning more, living more successfully. If this happens, it will add a normal man is very severe as incentive to work even better be wealthier and of the whole family will benefit. "

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