Grodno: 2-historians has deleted from the list

It became clear that refused to participate in the event two doctors of historical sciences. This — and Ales Ales Smolenchuk Krawcewicz both live long in Grodno and engaged by her story. Expressed solidarity with them for about half the 10-ka scientists. Now gentlemen Smolenchuk and Krawcewicz gathered journalists to tell them about the incident and its position.
Solidarity with Smolensk and Krawcewicz expressed their Candidate of Historical Sciences Andrei Chernyakevich:
"It is a pity that in the current situation, it turned out that people who have done a lot in the study of history Grodno, denied the ability to accept the role. Given that I personally do not see the ability to participate in this conference, I have to turn away. Apart from a position occupied a number of Grodno, Minsk, Gomel historians. Among them known to all of us names Saganovich, Kishtymava, Sobolev, Sorkinay, Masko, Trofimchik, Korneliouk, Dokdo, Gordeev. "
Its position laid Ales Smolenchuk
"I wish to say that it is still entitled to the organizers — who are chosen from among those who expressed their desire. And it is very sad that we Ales Krawcewicz initially hit the first version of the program and I realized from the current conversation with the head of the department History of Belarus, one of the co-chairs of the organizing committee Ivan slope threw us under the pressure of the ideology department executive committee. recall the Russian era of Brezhnev period unless, unless historians determine who and that read, and determined — while Communist bureaucrats and bureaucrats now the current political regime. It is a shame and I feel that the History Faculty of the Institute of Grodno, that has certain scientific tradition more converted into an auxiliary department executive committee is also working more ideology than science. This should not be allowed, it is necessary to test and I am very grateful to the staff who expressed their solidarity. Our country such, where solidarity is not very often you feel. And here people found the courage and boldness to join such a protest. "
Krawcewicz "Ales Smolenchuk is editor of the newsletter on the history of Grodno -" City of St. Guberta "I have a couple of books on the history of Grodno, I conducted archaeological excavations in the area of the town. Certainly incident related to our role in protecting the historic part of Grodno. Namely, we signed a statement to the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus barbaric destruction of the cultural layer in the center of town, and was a reaction to this, it was a prescription from the Ministry of Culture. This is our public position that we stand of subjective history of Belarus, which disagrees with the likeness of the official ideology . "
Historians noted authorities in This year start new coming on the historic building Grodno, they decide for themselves — that hurt, and what to throw. The authorities do not pay attention at all to this position of scientists and the public.

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