Grodno BPF office and GS Fatherland left without computers

The search was conducted by KGB officers in the Grodno region in connection with the excited criminal case in Minsk about insults President Lukashenko.
In the public association "Fatherland" search lasted about 2-hours, next to his office and the police on duty did not miss anyone. Here that said our radio Managing associations Markevich when employees brought out all the components, who foundsmiling in his office:
"Fully any piece of paper has been revised, cupboards. Very very harsh was searched."
In M.Markevich, but got the impression that only motivate employees KGB system blocks of computers. Search, according Markevich, conducted three KGB. Attended by two witnesses, who, views Markiewicz also had to do with bodies.
In the office of the Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" search lasted more than 3 hours. Both cabinets located in the same building but on different floors.
Says managing municipal organization BPF Vadim Locusts:
"They confiscated two computers from the system unit, copier, about 200 copies of the newspaper" Svoboda "movie discs on R.Lapitskaga two CD" Songs of Freedom 3 "and 33 days of flyers to Will, which we did not spread."
Chairman of the regional organization of the Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" Sergey Urchin expressed our radio his worldview about searches in Grodno:
"After as was dispersed peaceful demonstration in Minsk on March 25, the government fell like a chain. She now will destroy the information field of the opposition: The radio Radio, BelSat, Radio Liberty and other information sources. "
Sergei boy believes that further opposition will work even harder. Tags: Grodno, TBM, search

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