Grodno company BSDG do not keep records

On This time the response from the Department of Justice says that instead of a constituent assembly was accomplished conference, but, he says, no nomination papers for its candidates.
From the words of a favorite regional organization BSDG Viktor Sazonov previously clung to a legal address. Even goes so far that during registration organization representatives reported that one-sided with them in order to break the contract of lease.
— Currently legal adresok found — says Viktor Sazonov — but found new premises and denial of registration of the regional organization BSDG.
Viktor Sazonov acts directly connects power with a desire to stop BSDG general activities in Belarus, because according to the law, if in most areas of the organization’s structure does not act, then the game can be eliminated.
From the words of Viktor Sazonov, regional structures BSDG officially put on record only in Brest and Vitebsk, also in Minsk.

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