Grodno police on duty near the Polish Center

Approximately half of the ninth morning next to his office by the authorities of the unrecognized Union of Poles cars blocked traffic police minibus in which sits Angelika Borys and several of her colleagues. They were going to drive off somewhere. The policemen claimed to inspect minibus and cabinet. But all quickly got out, shut it down and went, answering the policemen that do not have keys to the office.
At half past nine by car traffic police brought the head of the Polish Centre for business and tourism Pelutsya Zygmunt, who opened the office space. Policemen fired his inspection, but could not open one little room — the emperor Pelutsya not have the keys.

Cabinet doors did not crush, since police apparently did not have permission. For two hours in the room came many people, members of the Union of Poles, mostly Incline age. They stayed there: were sitting, singing songs and drinking tea.
One of the policemen invited all to disperse, they say, and then they drive off from the cabinet. People do not agree, they are sitting in the office more, and policemen on duty near the building. Together with people in the office are employees General Mission of Poland in Grodno. At times, the police come to the office and inspect the door closed little room. Times are changing in the yard police cars. Such a situation is lasts all day. People they say that when needed willing to spend the night in the building. Tags: alliance, search, Boris

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