Guest online conference — the first U.S. salting in Belarus Dr. David Swartz

David Swartz salting for 29 years worked as a diplomat in the U.S. State Department. He held various positions in the U.S. diplomatic missions in Warsaw, London and Moscow. In Russian Time was Kiev groups manage to open General representation. Was Consul General in Zurich (Switzerland) and Calgary (Canada). In the 1992-1994 year — the first salting United States in Republic of Belarus. Was one of the organizers of the visit of U.S. President Bill Clinton in Belarus in January 1994 (together with the president visited Minsk and his wife Hillary Clinton, now — Senator presidential candidate USA). Was the first governor of the Washington Center to reduce the nuclear threat. After retirement in 1995, Dr. David Swartz — Dr. Lawrence Institute, Wisconsin. In 2001-2002. David Swartz — Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova. Currently, Dr. Swartz — one of the executive directors (together with Dr. Pavlina Survila and Andrew Shepard) Center for Belarusian research Southwest Institute, Kansas. Married, has 2-kids.
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