Gun «Steyr M» (Steyer M), Austria

Modern weapons development — gun company «Steyr Mannlicher-» 40 caliber. Excellent condition, in plastic original case.
Gun deactivated attached Russian permits.

Steyr M pistol was designed by the famous Austrian company Steyr-Mannlicher in 1999. Along with pistols Steyr M pistols produced and Steyr S, differed shortened barrel and handle.
But in late 2003, the release of these guns was stopped, and from January 2004 to the creation of a modified version of the gun went, Steyr M-A1. New gun differs from its predecessor in a slightly modified form of the handle and frame, a number of other small improvements.

Gun «Steyr M» (Steyer M), Austria

Series pistols Steyr M — some of the best on ergonomics in its class. Very well-designed handle has a perfect angle of 111 degrees, which is coupled with the smallish trunk allows perfectly placed to control recoil guns shooting at high speed. Unusual sights and fuse require a certain addiction. But after becoming very comfortable, providing the highest accuracy and security in the appeal.

Steyr M pistols are based on automation with the introduction of energy efficiency in the course of a small trunk. To unlock the trunk is lowered with the assistance of cutouts in the flood under the barrel with the frame elements. With shutter barrel engages one powerful projection within the ejection port on the gate.

Frame pistol is made of impact resistant plastic, under the barrel Pistol Steyr M has branded rail for accessories and Pistol Steyr M-A1 — standard rail-type Picatinny. The trigger mechanism — udarnikovy, double act.

Fuse system includes two automatic fuse — one on the trigger, the second — the hammer lock. In addition, there is an integrated lock controlled from a single key. When locking the lock box located on the right side, above the trigger guard, one hundred percent locked gun work.

Gun «Steyr M» (Steyer M), Austria

Enabling manual safety is made by simultaneously pressing the 2-buttons on both sides of the frame, above the trigger guard. With all of this in the lumen of the trigger guard arises button turning off the fuse and trigger locks.

To turn off when you open the fuse need to fire up your index finger to press the button on front of the trigger. Established sights have an unusual shape — fly has a triangular section and rear sights — trapezoidal cutout.

Because the front sight, rear sight and installed a gate in the grooves of the «dovetail» the probability of their substitution by others, including the classic types of open sights.

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