Hair loss in men

Gone are the days when it was believed that a man should be a little nicer apes. In today's world ball is ruled metrosexuals. Now the company believes that all men should be fine: the face, the clothes, the soul, and … hair. What can prevent a man be perfect?

The most typical male problem with hair: thinning hair, starting from the temples and crown of the head, gradually "spread out" on his head. This is called a "normal male pattern baldness" or androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

Begin treatment at the beginning of hair loss!

It is important to start a fight with her in the beginning, until the hair is lost a little, not atrophied hair follicles and the scalp is susceptible to treatment.

Often hair loss is combined with dandruff, which gives the "owner" is particularly well-groomed appearance. Dandruff also be treated, as it exacerbates the loss.

Hair loss and dandruff cure today is not only lazy, from hairdressers and ending with "experts" which eliminates the body from parasites. It is better to turn to an experienced trichologist, is engaged in Trichology, and not the first year.

What are the common mistakes?

Very often a man is afraid to go to the doctor and begins to self-medicate (in some cases, under the guidance of his beautiful half) — umaschivaet thinning hair pepper, onion and cognac. When it becomes clear that it is better to use products for their intended purpose, "expert" on traditional medicine is sent to the pharmacy. Colorful bottles on display looks very solid and promising miracle instant cure, and therefore gradually fill the cabinets in the bathroom. It was only after the failure of the next (third, tenth, etc.) "magic shampoo from falling," he begins to suspect that the truth is somewhere … not close.

Call to "Consult your doctor and do not self-medicate!" Is always relevant — with only one amendment — it is desirable to find a competent specialist. Otherwise, the patient is doomed to spend money on numerous unnecessary tests, including the absurd, as the definition of male sex hormones (the man!), Despite the fact that long ago it was found that male pattern baldness is associated with increased sensitivity of hair follicles of the skin receptors hairy the head of androgen (male sex hormones), and not with an excess of these same hormones.

Respectively, are used for the treatment of drugs that reduce the susceptibility of the hair follicles to the hormones, androgens.

What, you ask, do not need any tests at all?

Trichology diagnosis

Treatment of Scalp


Restoration of the structure of hair

Hairdresser "medical profile"

Here are possible options. For the diagnosis of AGA (androgenetic alopecia) analyzes in most cases do not need. BUT: it may be necessary to determine whether the attendant problems of the scalp and of the whole organism, enhancing hair loss. Then will come in handy, and a blood test and analysis of hair, and scrape to an infection of the scalp, and in some cases, and some other diagnostic measures.

Appoint an analysis of their own — a waste of money.

The main thing is not to hurry to take their own and find out beforehand what your needs exactly. Defining a list of the required analyzes, comparing their results with the manifestations of the disease, and the more treatment assignment — the case of an experienced specialist. Few people in the head to conduct their own tuning your favorite iron horse — usually everyone is trying to find a good auto repair and competent professional, but for some reason of his own body man cares much less for some reason believing that he be able to deal with all problems.

In parallel with the process of hair loss and thinning hair on the scalp may be present diseases such as seborrhea (excessive oiliness of the scalp), psoriasis (chronic skin disease), seborrheic dermatitis (infectious process), etc. These conditions cause persistent inflammation at the level of the scalp, worsening the already difficult lives of weakened hair. Very often, with the best of intentions, the patient buys the most "gentle" and dear drugstore shampoo, which could further exacerbate the problem, undermining his confidence in the pharmacy and medical products.

Meanwhile, it is enough to short course professional exfoliation (cleaning procedures) in trichology center and / or the use of properly selected medical complexes in the home (depending on the severity of the problem), and the scalp is literally "breathe freely", creating favorable conditions for hair growth. Perhaps the presence of a long-standing and persistent problems also require the introduction of ozone-oxygen mixture into the scalp (through mikroukolov). Very nice "bonus" of this procedure — it strengthens the immune system, prevents and improves mental clarity.

Vitamins and trace elements

Hair loss often helps the intake of vitamins and trace elements. In some cases these agents are administered intravenously manner — either directly to the scalp by mesotherapy or by intramuscular injection. However prescribe vitamins and minerals can only be a specialist and in case some of their deficiency in the body (this deficiency should be confirmed by analysis and / or relevant clinical manifestations). Moreover, to properly assess the result of the analysis is also not easy and requires knowledge and experience.

Self-medication can be dangerous.

Why not just go to the drugstore to buy a multivitamin and take them to improve their health, as well as the skin and hair, as called for us to do advertising?

The problem is that, even bought on the advice of the pharmacist is the best and newest drug, which included everything imaginable components will not help you if you have no deficiency states, and sometimes can and do harm, causing an excess of trace elements and vitamins .

Currently sixth part of the problem with vitamins and trace elements due to their overabundance! Vitamins and minerals can build up in the body, causing dry skin, hair loss, digestive disorders, affecting the liver, kidneys, etc.

Acceptance of multivitamin supplements in conventional doses 1-2 times a year for 1.5-2 months is unlikely to cause any serious breach of a healthy person. But a person with any health problems, uncontrolled long-term prescription drugs can be dangerous. Especially because accumulating vitamins and minerals may be in conflict with each other, and even affect the digestion of food and medicines.

To avoid such problems, as well as to refine the diagnosis, the physician may prescribe the appropriate assays for determining the lack or excess of the chemical elements in the body (this may be the analysis of hair, blood, urine vitamins, micro-and macrocells, etc. ).

How correctly to choose your doctor, who can be trusted with such a complicated problem solving?

Competent expert distinguishes individual patient. Consultation, delivered "on stream", which lasts 10-15 minutes and promises to reveal the cause of the disease by sending a very expensive and "top-secret" analysis abroad is unlikely to be effective. Relatively simple tests are necessary, they are often set standards, but! the secret to success lies in their correct selection, evaluation and proper relation to the inspection and survey of patients, the presence of all his other problems. It is also very important to monitor the results of initiation of treatment.

Thus, the best recommendation is not a call to come to the radio, and reliable information about the experience of the doctor, recommendations treated patients and relentless attention to your medical problem.

Optimalconditions for treatment:

Clinic "biome Vita"

Moscow, 1-st. Ya
mskogo field, 24

Phone: (499) 257-08-07, (495) 251-00-86


  • Medical license at institution
  • The attending physician — is triholog, his experience — at least 3 years (other specialists — reflexologist, psychologist, etc. can also be brought to the treatment if necessary)
  • You will detail exactly which tests you made and for what purpose
  • You will detail than you are being treated and what is the basis for a therapeutic effect
  • Therapeutic drugs are certified and clinically tested in Russia
  • Individual attention to you — the doctor aware of all the features of your body and the dynamics of treatment.
  • The doctor is well aware of the positive and negative properties of modern anti-androgen drugs (finasteride, dutasteride, fluridil) and non-specific stimulators of hair growth (minoxidil, pinacidil, azelomaks, azelofein, etc.), if necessary, properly assess the feasibility of their use.

We invite you to treat hair loss problems, hair loss and dandruff to the clinic "Bio Vita Mi."

Your specialist — Barunova Natalia G., a doctor — dermatologist, specializes in the field of Trichology in 2000

Has specialization "Physical Therapy", she graduated from advanced training program "Laser Medicine", "Trace elements in medicine", "Mesotherapy". Received a degree in "Biomedicine" and "Nutrition" with in-depth course "Methods of research in biomedicine and threpsology" at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Trichologists is a member of the Society of St. Petersburg Scientific — Practical Trichology Society of the National Alliance of dermatology and cosmetology (NADK) Russia, a member of the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA).

 Make an appointment by phone. 8499 — 257 — 08 -07.

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