Hepatitis threatens everyone?

For the majority of diagnosis of "hepatitis" sounds like a death sentence. Is he really so dangerous? What if the doctors found a disappointing diagnosis? And whether or hepatitis threaten everyone?

According to statistics, millions of people die each year from complications of viral hepatitis — cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Hepatitis B virus can develop hidden

Hepatitis B and C — is dangerous diseases that require special attention to their health, not only in patients with advanced disease, but also in carriers of the virus.

The sad thing — that's what a lot of carriers of the virus, but they do not know it.

Risk of viral hepatitis in the fact that at the initial stage disease almost does not manifest itself.

Patients with viral hepatitis patients should undergo periodic diagnostic testing in order to prevent the development of serious complications with their health and to protect the health of loved ones.

Who have a high risk of infection?

— the inner circle of hepatitis;

— those who donated blood transfusions or surgery performed;

— individuals who engage in intravenous drug use;

— Visitors nail salons, tattoo and piercing studios, dental offices, in which the tool does not pass proper sterilization;

— People who do not use condoms.

Doctors are paying special attention to the mothers, as in the case of mothers with hepatitis B virus disease, the probability of intrauterine infection of the fetus.

Predictable symptoms — unintended consequences

The symptoms of the acute phase of the disease varied, ranging from minor weakness and fatigue until nausea, vomiting, fever, pain, aversion to food. Liver increases in size. The skin may get yellow.

The unpleasant symptoms can last up to six months. After the acute period, symptoms gradually subside, but the liver can remain increased. And the results of liver function tests are not returned to normal. This is a classic scenario, observed mainly in hepatitis B.

In hepatitis C is a disease marked for less than 10% of cases. The patient finds that underwent infection only after the examination and the establishment of specific antigens in the blood.

Hidden within the hepatitis leads to cirrhosis or liver cancer. It is therefore particularly important to early detection, which does not just save lives!

Recognize the danger in time

Gastroenterological department ON CLINIC — is a powerful therapeutic and diagnostic center equipped with high-tech equipment.

Here employ some of the best of gastroenterologists and hepatologists with unique hands-on experience. Survey ON CLINIC takes just one day!

If a diagnosis of "hepatitis" is set, then do not despair. Doctors ON CLINIC not leave the patient alone with the disease!

The main goal of treatment — is the restoration of the liver cells, anti-virus and to prevent the development of cirrhosis.

Doctors hepatologists ON CLINIC apply proven treatment regimens and modern medicines.

Own clinical diagnostic laboratory ON CLINIC allows tests for hepatitis and maintain constant laboratory control of the functional state of the liver.

Hepatitis B can be prevented

Vaccination — not a panacea. But here's the hepatitis B vaccination, the effectiveness of which more than 95% — the most important and necessary measure. After all, hepatitis actually easier to prevent! In ON CLINIC can take a course of vaccination at any time convenient to you.

In order to prevent the disease, you need to be screened regularly and make sure there are no virus in the body. In detecting the disease at an early stage, the patient has a greater chance of recovery. In ON CLINIC has everything you need for early detection and treatment of this dangerous virus.

Call for expert ON CLINIC time!

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