Hermit of Belarus died from starvation fasting?

"Under the ground at the moment are 11 hermits. They promised to come to the surface at Easter — April 27, "- said the press service of the control of the regional administration Anton Sharon.
With the help of journalist from Penza Yaroslav Round "Freedom" now received a statement today Vitaly Nedagona favorite hermits. Here is what he says:
"One person Cave died from cancer. This cancer unhealthy Tamara from Blagoveshchensk. And the second — through the empty post. She — a citizen of Belarus. "
Version of the probable death of Belarusian ladies in families Belarusian hermits not deny. Galina Sokolova of Zhabinkovsky district argues that the cave could remain her friends:
"Marika Yaroshevich of Kamenetz from Brest and Elena could not get out. They very religious. Their greatest strength of faith. They are for it to wash his feet, and water to drink."
Does not refute the information about the source and hungry post. Even refers to the example of sister Vera, who did not have time to get to the cave hermits, but makes their demands:
"Maybe they just died from zmarnennya. Their same vitamins was not. But our I watch, after 10 days have started using different products. Eat all of them. But specifically grown on his farm — home. They did in the store do not buy. "
Against said Mary Yaroshevich of Kamenetz far failed to find out anything. And said little inhabitant Valery Brest. His name, he asked not to call:
"I’ve got a wife. But Belarusians who died without vedayu.Telefanuyu times a day to the police district center Bekava, but no one there with me not want to talk."
Not counting as militiamen sulking sovereign Valery and religion:
"This religion is very influenced by the human brain. How, Naturally, I do not know. But the ordinary man can not so simply throw everything. "
Wife Valeria fate remains unknown to this day. According to the wife, Svetlana joined Penza hermits still 2006.
In Minsk minister Interior Vladimir Naumov told reporters that "the Interior Ministry has not officially proved the fact of death of the Belarusian hermits in a cave in the Penza region Bekovsky area."
In November 2007 35 people, including several people of Belarus with children, closed in advance equipped dungeon Bekovsky area Penza region. They decided to stay there until May 2008, when, in their opinion, should come "doomsday". 24 hermit in including four kids, left the cave at the end of March — first of April. Prior to that they live with 2 groups in village Nikolsky.

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