Herpes: a gift of a lifetime?

Herpes: a gift of a lifetime?  Photo from http://sciencephoto.com

All of us sooner or later face this unpleasant diagnosis so to speak "face to face". To this there are objective reasons for this: according to the World Health Organization, up to 90% of people in the world are carriers of the virus Herpes. In fact, the remaining 10% are children under3-4 years, because it was after this age, most babies falls into the public sphere, such as in kindergarten, and also become infected.

Some people deny that they are carriers of the herpes virus or sometime were suffering from the infection. However, if only a small list of the list of diseases that are caused by different herpes viruses, any questions on this matter are irrelevant:

  • actually cold sores, often nasolabial or genital,
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • cancer
  • Infectious mononucleosis — "kissing disease", "illness of students"
  • chicken pox, "windmill" — usually in children, adults — shingles.

Each of us will be able to tell from memory periods of his life, when cold sores prevented to go to the party, brought a lot of inconvenience for exciting encounters. A list of the problems is endless, but they do not have to wait — they need to be alert! And for this it is necessary to keep in mind a few important facts.

Infected with herpes — it's yours forever.

Unfortunately, this is true. Do not listen to the various "wise men" who offer a cure for all ills, they will not help. Virus virus settles in the body and does not worry us, but under certain circumstances it is activated and causes a lot of trouble. Why is this happening?

Herpes is activated with reduced immunity.

Do not think that the lowered immunity — not our problem. The present condition of the body can cause a number of factors:

  • unhealthy lifestyle (irregular sleep patterns, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.).
  • stresses
  • severe or chronic concomitant disease

Modes of transmission of herpes virus universal

They can catch almost any most common way of transmission: sexual, airborne etc.However do not worry: herpes virus infection can be prevented, and if the infection has already taken place — to significantly reduce its impact on the human body.

The ideal way to combat the uninvited guest in our genome is considered to be drug tsikloferon. He does not have any harmful effects on the body and is not responsible of the side effects, which have other drugs used in the treatment of herpes infections. Explanation for this phenomenon is simple: in itself a substance contained in Cyclopheron, harmless to humans, and its effect is to stimulate the production of our own body, and not an alien, interferon — a protein which activates cells of the immune system, specifically struggling with the herpes virus.

In carrying out simple rules, you'll forget all about herpes, or reduce your discomfort to a minimum:

  1. Prevention is better than rash illness
  2. If, however, there was an itch, the urgent need to lubricate the intended area of rash linimentom tsikloferona — this will significantly reduce the size of skin lesions
  3. Ill, you become infectious to others — treat herpes.
  4. If possible, stick to a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Poured herpetic vesicles — beware accession related bacterial infections. Of course, the bubbles can ssohnutsya and turn into scabs, but may fester. Here again, we will tsikloferona liniment that contains at its core a good antiseptic, it is directed to these complications.


Source:Science and technology pharmaceutical company "POLYSAN"

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