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Herpes is usually referred to as small painful blisters on the lips and face, appearing at prostude.No actually variations of it so much more. His reason — highly contagious virus, transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one.
Scholars have identified eight types of herpes virus, of which "cold" on the lips can cause two: the herpes virus type 1 (often) and type 2 (rarely). A distinctive feature of all herpes viruses, the ability of finding the hidden within the cells until such time as the decrease in immunity will not allow him to begin to multiply.
Gerpesachrezvychayno viruses are widespread in nature and in people. In many ways, this is due to the high light transmission and contagious virus. At room temperature, the virus can remain active until the day.
Infection occurs by contact of the virus particles with mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyes and genitals) from a human patient. The children enough contact with intact skin.

Having penetrated into the body, the virus migrates to nerve endings in nerve cells (neurons), which hides to favorable conditions. Once the immune system declines, he begins to multiply and cause the characteristic manifestations.

Cold sores on the lips
Cold sores on the lips and face caused predominantly by the first type of virus (HSV-1) and sometimes the second, being transferred through saliva droplets during close contact. Eruptions have the form of small blisters filled with murky liquid. They are very itchy and sore, touching or are very painful.
Genital herpes (genital)
Its reason is in most cases virus second type of herpes that causes a rash on the male genital women. He transferred from an infected person to a healthy when on the exposed sex. Symptoms of genital herpes are almost identical to that on the lips, except for the location of bubbles.
The first and second type of virus collectively called "herpes simplex virus" because they may affect the characteristic cross each other areas: face, genitals, accidental exposure to appropriate places.
In addition to simple lip herpes can spread further and cause inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth — stomatitis, which are often seen in children herpes. Herpetic stomatitis can go into herpetic sore throat. Babies virus can cause eye damage and even brain (herpes meningitis).

Cold sores on the body (tinea)
Called third type virus — the same as chickenpox in children. Chickenpox — a primary response to viral penetration. After the acute period of disease, the virus hides in nerve cells for decades, and then for unknown reasons until activated and causes some lyudeyopoyasyvayuschy shingles.
Shingles herpes rash appears on the chest, on the one hand, along the ribs, in rare cases, the neck. They are accompanied by severe pain, which in some cases is a long time (herpetic neuralgia). Less commonly, the virus affects the optic nerves, and then the rash appears around the eyes. This is one of the most serious forms of the disease.
Other types of herpes virusovmogut cause lymphoma (type 4), infectious mononucleosis (type 5), children roseola (type 6), Kaposi's sarcoma (type 8). Since the virus Herpes 7 type associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Treatment of herpes
Completely remove the herpes virus from the body to date is not possible, as most of the time it is in an inactive state in the cell nucleus. But the unpleasant symptoms and can be treated.
There are few resources for herpes with proven effectiveness. The main ones are: acyclovir, valacyclovir (converted in the body to acyclovir) and famciclovir. The molecule of acyclovir incorporated into viral DNA and "deceiving" him, disrupting the process of reproduction. Acyclovir is relatively safe for humans at the short course and can be used even in infants. Famciclovir is somewhat stronger, but much more expensive and is used only inside.
In order to cure cold sores on the face of the genitals, in most cases it is sufficient to use mazs atsikloviromili his peers. If you make it in time, before the advent of large bubbles, it is possible to cope with boleznyuv home.
If the rash is very strong, spread over a large area, accompanied by a temperature — it is best to call the doctor. After examining you, he may appoint acyclovir tablets. In some extreme cases (for example, herpes meningitis) acyclovir can be administered intravenously. However, remember that long-term use of these drugs inside (over 10 days) may adversely affect the liver and should be done only under the supervision of a physician.
With abundant rashes sometimes there is a risk of contact with the sores of secondary bacterial infection. To prevent this, you need to treat the skin rash places any antiseptic solution: green antiseptic, chlorhexidine, miramistin etc.
Immunity — the second way to get rid of gerpesa.On appropriate at a time when there is no acute manifestations (bubbles) and will help to reduce the number of exacerbations, but do not eliminate the virus completely.

Cold sores in children
Herpes ugrudnyh children necessarily requires a call to the pediatrician, because for a young child is quite a serious disease. Child can become infected from their parents. Therefore, if you have an exacerbation of herpes lesions and appeared on the lips, do everything possible to avoid infecting the baby (see prevention). Genital herpes can be transmitted from mother to child during birth if their moment she has a rash on the genitals.
Simple herpes can cause in children is not only not a rash person, but stomatitis (80% of stomatitis in children are caused by the virus), sore throat, pneumonia, and meningitis. All this is dangerous for the baby of the disease. In addition to the first and second types of the virus can infect children a third type (chickenpox), and the sixth type (children roseola).
Genital herpes during pregnancy
If the primary genital infection gerpesomproiskhodit during pregnancy, the risk of adverse effects on the fetus is large enough. In many cases, it may happen miscarriage or birth defects in the child because the mother has not protivogerpesnyh antibodies, the virus crosses the placenta to the fetus and damage it.
If the infection occurred earlier, before the onset of pregnancy, the mother's body developed antibodies did not give the virus is actively multiplying, protecting the fetus. In this case, the danger is only birth in the presence of herpes sores on the genitals.

Prevention of herpes
Prevention should be aimed at, not to infect other people (mostly children, since most adults are already infected). If you have a rash on my lips — wear a gauze bandage, do not kiss the child not to touch the sores and wash your hands often. Do not use the same dishes patient and healthy person.
Genital herpes is transmitted through sexual contact, usually if a patient has with the rash. But we must remember that some people shedding occurs even in the absence of lesions, so the risk of infection can not be excluded completely. To prevent this case, condoms are effective, can be used as a candle with benzalkonium chloride and miramistin. However, the most reliable way — to have one sexual partner.


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