High temperatures in the child

The high temperature in the baby.  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com

High temperatures in the child often catches parents off guard. When a child becomes a weak and hot, climbs to his mother on her knees and pressed against his chest, all the methods of first aid weathered out of your head. Mom begins to mindlessly rush to the apartment to call "knowing people" and frantically rummaging through medical reference for children's health.

Therefore, it is always better to have on hand Memo first aid child with fever.

  • If the temperature does not exceed 38°C andbaby Normally it takes, then give antipyretics is not necessary. The fact is that at elevated temperature the body effectively fights infection, so unless absolutely necessary, do not knock it. The exceptions are those cases where the child is suffering from a neurological disease (composed by a neurologist), or just hard to tolerate temperatures — then you need to give antipyretics, ranging from 37.5°S.
  • Ifsametemperature rose above 38°S — should give the child fever-reducing recommended by a doctor (Children's Panadol, Efferalgan, Nurofen). For very young children better drug use in candles, older kids can be given medication in the form of syrup. Under no circumstances should you use aspirin! Aspirin during viral infections (in children under 12 years of age) can cause a dangerous complication — Reye syndrome.
  • Be sure to call your doctor to determine the cause of the temperature rise. Celebrate the symptoms that accompany the fever — runny nose, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, abdominal pain, rash, etc.
  • If a child has convulsions, or the temperature exceeds 40°With urgently call "ambulance", and to give the child her arrival pyretic.
  • Try to put a child to bed. Read his interesting book, look at cartoons, play quiet games. Although it is best that the baby slept, rested, gained strength.
  • It is recommended to feed a sick baby easily digestible food. Temporarily excluded from the diet of meat (especially grilled), a fatty, sugary and canned food.
  • A lot poite child — then out of the body "washed out" the toxins formed during the life of viruses. Best of all — warm tea with lemon, raspberry, warm milk with honey (if not allergic to it). Very useful fruit drinks, fruit drinks and juices containing vitamin C. Also suitable mineral water, herbal teas, fruit teas.
  • Ventilate the room regularly andif possible, humidify the air. To this end, the room can be postavit3h liter jar with water and hang a wet towel. The air temperature must not exceed 20-21 degrees.
  • No need to dress for the child, "one odezhek" wrap up and over the top of his. These measures may lead to thermal shock when the temperature rises to a dangerous level. Put a sick child easily, cover a diaper or a light blanket to too much heat escapes unhindered.
  • Not worth wiping baby vinegar, alcohol or obkladyvat cold water bottles. Alcohol is very well absorbed through the skin and may cause poisoning the child's body.
  • If the fever lasts for more than3-4 days after treatment should recall physician to adjust the treatment.


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