Hockey: If the Stars do not light means …

Next, the fourth day at the World Hockey Championship in Quebec, Canada, turned out to be a very sunny and warm enough, but got a degree in "black" for Belarusian team, which yielded very principled fight shveytsartsam — 1:2.
For the first time in the history of independent existence Belarusians were able to collect a "star" structure. Indescribably resistant and promising match with the Swedes laid life-affirming music in the hope of Belarusian fans. A visit by Kurt Fraser flags from Montreal brothers Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn and Misha Grabowski, Ruslan Salei also from Denver actually filmed a question about winning the shveytsartsav and likely exit in the subsequent step of the tournament. But to collect all the stars under one roof — not to win …
Now the fate of the Belarusian team in almost everything will depend on tomorrow’s match against the French. It is unlikely that subordinates Kurt Fraser Merit for a good result tomorrow adenutstsa in white-red-white retro-standard form of the early 90-ies of the last century. Although before the matthan Belarus — Switzerland ranks Belarusian fans were messengers with flags and colors of the near past a day or current. Moreover, neighbors of Lithuania befall a dozen copies of hockey equipment with "Chase". We can say, that she looked at the fans of Vilnius as a true retro. Belonging guys, well done to the adjacent country were given only a yellow-green-red colors of the national flag of Lithuania. True, they are all in including Russians in the Soviet Union T-shirts and Belarusians with a placard "Maladziechna" sincerely worried about the Belarusian hockey with the hope of fortunes. Belarusians from until she turns away.
Ales Slutsky Kvebek

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