Hockey: Swedes bent, but for a short period

Pobkditeli own groups — Russians, Czechs, Canadians, Americans, Slovaks, Finns and Swedes "campaign" won their first matches.
In general, the game state with representatives of the Belarusian team "Tre Kronor" can be attributed to asset subordinates Curt Fraser. Losing team 5:6 Sweden — the first team in the world rankings,over worthy result at the start. Although you can not fluctuate as Fraser himself, and many Belarusian fans kept in mind quarterfinal match of the Olympic tournament in Salt Lake City, when Vladimir Dig "shot" Tommy Salo massive hit from the blue band and brought Belarusians win with a score of 4: 3rd
On This time "Feat" to repeat failed, although there was a moment when the Swedes were bent … But the ice palace "Colisee Pepsi" not destiny was to become the epicenter of sensations. Although this arena hockey fans interested in including and Belarus, from a different angle. Over 10s meters from the rink razmyastsivsya local racetrack, where players of different teams, the first part of the tournament is conducted in Quebec, trained under the horses’ hooves and tsokat "tachanak" with naeznikami — even for a long time before the meeting, they spent many hours training runs.
It seems that some of the Belarusian fans and noticed "horses." And only because very emaciated, until getting to the place of hockey events. Some aircraft steered a course from Minsk to Frankfurt am Main, then to Toronto. But due to the delay of the aircraft for a few hours flight to Quebec butt was moved almost to the day later. 2nd LOT Polish company get through Warsaw on the same route, and others traveled by train from the Belarusian capital in Kiev, thence by plane to Montreal, and from there by bus get to Quebec, where, incidentally, is cool enough, it is not the May as for central latitudes, the weather is just individual fans came from United States America, where the lodge.
The mood of the absolute majority of Belarusian hockey fans optimistic — Fraser subordinates should pass without problems through the first step of the tournament.
Ales Slutsky, Quebec
Tags: hockey

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