Hollywood smile: not only the beauty

Hollywood smile: not only the beauty

Many of us are careless about their teeth. Reddened gums? They are all the same no one is looking. Lost a tooth? What's the difference — one more, one less. Bite wrong? Misaligned teeth? Turned yellow? Tea, not a star show business: And so will do.

Do not need a rich imagination to come up with ten reasons not to go to the dentist: no time, money, effort, desire — but you never know what is not? And the truth is, it needs a Hollywood smile mere mortal? Let's listen to professionals common life situations doctor says Dentist Orthodontist clinic "Sheritel" Sergey Zhovta.

The situation first

Ivan, 45, manager of car sales. From morning to night work in their spare time, prefers to stay with friends. Since childhood, hate dentists. Recently noticed that began to redden gums, the wife offered to go to the doctor. Readily agreed. On Saturday morning told his wife that he went to the dentist, and headed to the bar.

— Sergey, tell whether a concern reddened gums?

— This color gums — a sign of inflammation, periodontitis. First, the changes are not very disturbed patients: there are a little itchy, bad breath, teeth become a little more mobile. But then joins the pain of teeth becoming crooked. In the final, the teeth become loose so that they can get by simply pulling the fingers. Naturally, the easier it is to stop the process, the sooner the patient recalls.

— Yes, gloomy prospects. And how to deal with it?

— Our task — to arrest the inflammation. Sometimes this is enough of Occupational Health, in other cases it is necessary to use operational methods. The fact that the cause of periodontal disease, as it is called an inflammatory process, — deposition on the roots of the teeth. Gums, in contact with them constantly provoked, and therefore to treat periodontitis, clean the roots of the teeth.

— But they are under the gum! We need a serious operation?

— It is not necessarily what the patient causing unnecessary pain when this advanced equipment. For example, we use the apparatus of «Vector», allowing to polish the tooth roots ultrasound, without cutting the gums. The procedure to get quick and painless, and in some cases radically solves the problem of periodontitis.

The situation is the second

Maria, 19 years old, student. Recently focused on routine inspection toorthodontist, who encouraged her to fix an uneven bite and tooth position. But Mary is not quite a year going to the braces, and for the money it is possible to find a more enjoyable use.

— Sergey, dangerous than the wrong position of the teeth?

— The fact that these teeth can not be fully cleaned of sediment, so the higher the likelihood of tooth decay. In addition, they quickly erased. At first it's just ugly, but then the problems start with dental health. And yet, it is very frustrating when malocclusion possible violationstemporomandibular joint.

— What would you propose to Mary?

— When teeth are arranged irregularly, we apply the methods of orthodontics. Choice is wide: the different versions of braces, there are those few who catch your eye as well as the technology of Invisalign. In the latter case, the transparent caps that are practically not spoil the appearance of the patient. But this is an expensive option, because caps have to order in the USA.

The situation is the third

Ludmila, 60 years old, retired, raising a grandchild. Coming back from the store, slipped on an icy sidewalk, a fall knocked a tooth. Son offered to take her to a good dentist. But Lyudmila doubts that she had heard that a new tooth paste is not so simple. Son, of course, will pay, but is it worth it to bother? Especially if a broken tooth visible.

— Sergey, to live without teeth — what's wrong?

— Bad remaining teeth. When one element of the system is disposed of, the balance in the dentition is broken. The remaining teeth have unusually large load, and sooner or later they will not stand up to: start become loose and then may fall out.

— How to replace lost from damaged tooth?

The clinic "Sheritel"

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— Previously, dentists usually offered to put the bridge. Now has more options, in such cases, we use implants. First, we carefully prepare the patient for surgery, if there is inflammation, it must be fully cured. In traumatic injuries when the tooth was originally for healthy, long-term training is not required. Then set the implant — an artificial tooth root analog. When the implant survives, we put on top of the crown, which is virtually indistinguishable in appearance from the tooth. Thus, one can close the gaps in a smile. And important functional aspect: Implants can replace lost teeth.

The situation is the fourth

User Coolboy, 31 years old, works as a programmer. Sleeps during the day, at night, sitting at the computer, consuming coffee. Smoking more than 10 years. Recently, the girl with whom he spent two years talked over the Internet, offered to meet. He looked at himself in the mirror and was horrified at all the yellow teeth, and the shape is poor. And Photoshop will not save us. Posted by a girl that is very busy. Useful search for articles on aesthetic dentistry.

— Sergey, similar questions …

— And here's the answer will not be the same. Yellow teeth — it is not harmful, it's just ugly. But if they interfere with the patient to fully enjoy life, we can certainly help. In some cases, come to the fore questions of beauty, not just health. You can whiten your teeth, although it is not useful. Form can also be correct, and there are non-traumatic methods — veneers. This is the finest ceramic plates. They are selected by color, model shape and is mounted on a tooth — as a result he gets the right shape.

— And another question. It is clear that cosmetic dentistry — and even medical and dental care for beauty — is not a fad … But whether such treatment is available to mere mortals?

— It is quite expensive and a person with an average income. At the present stage of development of healthy teeth and dentistry, "Hollywood smile" — not an impossible dream, but a real possibility for many people.

— Tell me, how long does the treatment?

— All depending on the initial state of teeth requires several weeks to several years. In order to assess the scope of work necessary to see the patient. If interested, come take a look. Initial consultations, we still are free, this is our gift for the holidays.

— Based on what you told the truth and the possibility of dentistry wide … But there are cases in which you are powerless?

— We are powerless only when the patient has no desire to be treated. In all other situations, you can always something help. Importantly, smile more often, and how to make your smile more attractive, we think of something.

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