How far will authoritarian modernization?

Current statements Alexander Lukashenko After the period of the country’s role in the regulation of cash flows are forced to recall the wording of analysts’ authoritarian modernization. " Indeed whether in Belarus began economic changes? What are the consequences in economic and political life they may lead? These and other issues in the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" discussions are the chief editor of the analytical bulletins BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski economist Mike Zaleski.
Tsigankov"What you seem to be more severe and significant in the current statements, and which approaches to solving today’s power problems does this mean?"

"The state does not want to go away with one sphere of life — what is liberalism? .. "

Klaskouski"If you factor out the ritual phrases, the expressions lyaytmatyv — this is what can be called" authoritarian modernization plan. " On the one hand, put task that you want to display in Belarus by the more advanced countries of the world. Indeed, soon taken significant steps in reframavannya legislation, especially legislation vkladyvatelnogo — and it says international institutions.
On the other hand the Belarusian leader on the background of the financial crisis could not resist again do PR "Belarusian model", where everything is controlled, all under the cover of the country. And when the sounds that the government does not want to go away from one sphere of public and economic life — it can not alarming. After all, the question arises — what is liberalism? ..
If we talk directly about bank secrecy, it formally and hitherto guaranteed. And here we hear from the podium that the security services should be withdrawn from the banks, that they were not prasvechvali contributions. It turns out that while no guarantees in fact was not. Because of a potential investor vlezut doubts — and whether it is possible now to believe new promises? "

"There is no choice — have to give up on another RF"

Tsigankov"Indeed, as foreign investors believe the Belarusian authorities and citizens — so that bear their funds in Belarus? Here will not hurt a certain style of the Belarusian government, which was formed during the last decade of monetary policy?"
Zaleski"It will not hurt. But — unlike politicians, journalists — businessmen, many practitioners do not heed these words. They expect job descriptions for bank employees, firefighters, tax, doctors, supervisors. Their experts at reading these annotations and advised to carry here means or not. And to respond to each question our president no one is going "
Tsigankov"Segodnyaschy" authoritarian modernization "- or it affects only a narrow scope, financial, and connected with the neuvvyazkami that has presently Belarus? Or she can go wider, and the government will give more freedom in other economic manifestations?"

Alexander KlaskouskiKlaskouski"In the monetary sphere is not only tactical maneuvering, but rather austere plan, designed for the future. How do I know the government is considered by professionals developed the concept of modernization of the economy — and there are systemic issues. Another thing that seems to be controlled main conflict is not solved. After upgrading to do with all this, and bet on the full state regulation — not very promising. turned out — or will not upgrade or process might take control.
Why are all the same it was useful power? After very severe challenges. And there is no choice — more precisely, a very bad choice. Have to give up of, taking the energy needle. Our homeland And do not give any modern technology or investment — it can only buy Belarus. But this is not necessary with our management, because it can lead to loss of power. "

"With authoritarian lemon squeezed all the juice out of it and try to make lemonade"

Zaleski"I do not know who this term fiction -" authoritarian liberalization. "It is still early — as long as it promises. While Belarus keeps up the pace and type of development, which was built during the Soviet era. We and remains a piece of the USSR. Fundamentally No configurations.
There are two characteristics — the personal ownership of the land for industrial use and real privatization. "
Tsigankov"Privatization Tipo goes.".

Mike ZaleskiZaleski"If we talk about modernization, it means that I had a calculator" Felix "and I did not order it to turn faster, and buy a computer instead of him. So at the moment we are faster we turn our mechanical calculators. Here nothing changes. authoritarian lemon squeezed all the juice out of it and try to make lemonade. I see it, maybe I’m shy. "
Klaskouski"All the same, when the Global Bank states that a certain progress in the reform and investment made — it also says about something."
Tsigankov"What kind of danger to the authorities in the process of economic change?"
Klaskouski"I see three prerequisites. During 1-x, capital comes, he having their interests. Capital wishes that were the laws, parliament, which would have produced a civilized law to guarantee the independence of the courts were, so that was a free press through which need to articulate those interests.
Second — the political demands of the West. Minsk must configure the bridge to the West, and he will build its "road map" and to achieve certain political steps.
Third — this configuration mindset of society. If more will travel to Europe Belarusians become wealthier live — will have their other interests, not counting the "cup and Škvarka." Uniformly they will start thinking about life etalons euros.
It is impossible to think that it all goes automatic. But these reasons will work and it is a great challenge for the Belarusian authorities. "

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